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Posted by teresal on May 30th, 2013

Member of Parliament, Mikael Jungner (Sd) revealed on Twitter that they play community service is often the Parliamentary Chamber Clash of the Clans, cell phone games.
Jungner says the IS for the Twitter revelation the idea was politically incorrect to reveal something about themselves and something that you would not normally would reveal, "so that Twitter was a direct speech arena."

- Okay. This incorrect recognition. I play Clash of Clans(clash of clans gem discount) ia Parliament House. Often, Jungner updated its instant messaging service Twitter On Saturday during the day.

Speaker of Parliament Eero Heinäluoma signaled Yle news broadcast that playing computer games in the Chamber is inappropriate.

He said Yle that the Constitution requires elected representatives to the stable and valuable behavior, not suitable for the games in the chamber.

"Even the Finnish man is able to focus on"

Jungner commented IS a revelation to, and His lack of criticism. In his opinion, the Finnish game company created by the Super-freeroll at is so good, that so His lack of, and several other managers should take note of it.

- These sessions, there is nothing wrong with that, but the game is really well built, great playing with a cell phone Jungner commented IS.

- The whole idea of ​​the update was that someone does not like it, he commented His lack of criticism.

Sessions, there is nothing wrong

clash of clans gem to build a game, the player controls a virtual village and clans fight other clans. The game can be played on mobile phones and even tablets.

Jungner says that the game can be played more than a few minutes at a time, and to defend their gambling also the fact that the very successful Super Cell to pay all of their taxes in Finland.

- Even the Finnish man is able to focus on listening to and playing at the same time, Jungner answer the question, is not there a risk that the sessions of something important going to play because of past.

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