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Get the Best Penetration Testing for Your Business from Soc Assurance

Posted by socassurance on July 24th, 2020

The modern technique of conducting business heavily depends on the data and the easy of connect of the business with clients all over the globe. New startups have come online and the major threat that now comes is the cyber breach into the IT infrastructures. Such breaches mean that there erupts a discontinuity and gaps in the business. However, a company can’t fill in these gaps without going through the process of penetration testing.

While identification of a vulnerability recognizes the risk to the stored and collected data or any service that is being offered, but a penetration testgives you an in-depth analysis of the risk and the level of risks and vulnerability that your IT structure is exposed to. SOC Assurance is the one company that easily identifies the gaps in your system and their team of experts examine your IT structure from applications, devices and servers so that not only are your weak points determined but a continuous testing is done to gauge the level of the lapse of security. All this information is then put together and sent to your IT team containing all the recommendations by SOC Assurance that can be seen in a sorted manner according to the priorities so that all the gaps are filled at the earliest.

SOC Assurance carry out this testing through the PCI DSS audit so as to allow the companies to see their vulnerabilities much before any damages occur. This helps in the prioritization of planning of everything that can be done to reduce the chances of any damage and, hence preventing the unexpected expenditures.

An IT infrastructure can never be certified as completely breach-proof, but a regular testing can possibly ensure that your firm is out of the risk of any cyber breaches that can cause severe damage to your business. The reviews carry out by SOC Assurance shows all the wrong and damaged parts of your continuity plan and helps you in devising strategies to save your company during any cyber threats during your downtime. They also offer a security awareness training in order to help your employees in analyzing the best strategies to avoid the security breaches.

You won’t find a better solution for your cyber problem that SOC Assurance! Check out their penetration testing achievements at https://www.socassurance.ca/penetrating-testing/

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