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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on May 30th, 2013

Foil business cards and die cut business cards are an ideal option for making your company’s card as attractive as possible, while still maintaining a highly professional appearance and accessibility for smaller businesses. This is largely due to the wide variety of foil colors and textures that can be incorporated in every element of your business card without necessarily requiring graphic design skills. This type of card, when it’s well-thought, successfully manages to portray a durable impression of class and style that is sought by all clients and is taken as a guarantee of competency and popularity.

Die cut business cards on the other hand can add a completely new dimension to your company’s card image, achieving a 3D effect that in many situations can be truly impressive. However, the almost inexhaustible technical means for making a business card memorable aren’t enough for ensuring this success, and in every process, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration, either by the company or the graphic designer it decides to hire. These factors may refer to the business card’s layout, material, shape, color and texture and the subsequent choice of what is appropriate for the type of industry you activate in.

When deciding upon the layout of the foil or die cut business card, the information you need to take into consideration refers to your company’s brief description, contact details as well as the person that will most probably own the business card. It’s extremely important to plan the layout in such a way that will be easily readable by any person. A guarantee of layout success is always Mies van der Rohe’s quote “Less is more”, and this applies to all levels of design, not just architecture. Great business cards convey the most powerful impression through smart and minimalistic design, although the secrets of doing this are not at everyone’s hands and you may discover that you may need to do some research in this direction.

Foil business cards have a valuable advantage as far as the material, color and texture are concerned. The old and standard cheap paper doesn’t impress anyone and you can be sure that the only thing it will succeed in conveying about your company is that due to some obscure reasons, usually taken by most as lack of competency, you don’t have the financial resources for investing in a powerful and professional business card. Nowadays, the advanced printing technology enables you to use almost any material you may desire, be it paper, wood, metal or fabric, that together with a beautiful design will instantly generate a best-in-class impression.

Conventions are starting to be abandoned also when the shape of the foil or die cut business cards is concerned, and if you’re used to the classic, rectangular shape, then maybe you should freshen up and meet the client’s need of progress and innovation. Shape is the greatest advantage of the die cut business cards, able to receive almost every form, from oval to square, with scalloped edges or interior pieces taken out or added over. The possibilities are truly fantastic, and when combined with all the new means of social media, they are a guarantee that your company will be easily found by everyone, should they require your services.

If you want to benefit from the advantages that the new design and printing technologies have brought to almost every field, then the foil business cards and the die cut business cards are the ideal means of incorporating them into your company’s image.

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