Simple Steps to Make Customized Reversible Basketball Jerseys

Posted by robertwell on May 31st, 2013

Customized basketball jerseys have lots of advantages. The most important being their ability to encourage cohesion and team spirit. Moreover, they let the fans identify with the team in a closer way. It goes without saying that a team would look more professional being dressed in their distinctive jerseys. When reversible basketball jerseys are concerned, they have added benefit. The inclusion of two color schemes allows the team to use different sides of the jersey for different games. For instance, one side for domestic came and another when the team goes to play outside. The best part is that it is quite easy to design reversible jersey by you.

i.The first step is to draw a model of the jersey on paper. You would have to choose your preferable jersey style. Thereafter, prepare two sketches of the jersey. Each sketch representing one of the two sides of the reversible basketball jersey.

ii.The next step is to choose a logo or mascot. The mascot can be anything from a character to animal to a sign. Most teams choose intimidating animals like bears, lions, tigers, etc. You can use your own imagination for the mascot. Choosing a pirate logo or a popular character associated with your city are also nice ideas. You can also choose the logo of your local school, club or any other organization that your team is closely associated or identifies with.

iii.The third important step is to choose the color scheme for the jersey. The colors and the mascot are the two main things that your team would be identified with. Choose color of the mascot and the jersey that would help your team to stand out. Picking an attractive color scheme is the mantra. You ought to use two different color combinations for each side. The popular combinations are yellow/black, blue/white, white/orange, green/grey, blue/yellow and white/orange. You can choose from these or think of a better color combination of your own.

iv.The last step is to hire a design company. This is because even if you are able to design a reversible jersey, you would not probably have the time or machinery to produce the jerseys by your own. Many companies are there that take orders to manufacture customized clothes. You just need to approach the best in the business to get quality jerseys for your team.

Thus, you can see how easy it is to design your own reversible basketball jerseys. Just follow these simple steps and make your team proud of you.

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