If you are head over heels in love with games, you must have watched a lot of mo

Posted by Anny Christine on July 24th, 2020

If you are head over heels in love with games, you must have watched a lot of movies that are based on video games. If you are curious to watch the best movies based on games but can’t find them, this list will surely appeal to you. Nowadays, playing video games is a trend that is gaining ground in today’s generation very fast. As a gamer, you should not miss the best movies based on video games. The best video game movies are so interesting that you will do anything to watch them. Now is the time to have a glance at these best video game movies.

Video Game

Detective Pikachu

On the list of the best video game movies is Detective Pikachu. The movie is an all-time favorite for most of the gamers, so you must watch it once. The movie earned accolades from even non-gamers too. The movie made it big on the box-office and grossed a total earning of 6 million all over the world. The man behind the voice of Pikachu is Ryan Reynolds who is a popular actor in the Hollywood industry. The animated characters in the movie make it worth watching. If you are a gamer in search of good video game movies, you must not miss this interesting movie.

Sonic The Hedgehog

When it comes to video game movies, gamers must watch Sonic The Hedgehog. All animated characters are really great. You will surely get crazy about this movie. Most of the guys didn’t like Sonic when the first trailer of this movie was released. This movie rules the hearts of many game lovers even now. The movie did well on the box-office and earned accolades. If you are searching for a good movie that is based on video games, this will put your search to an end.

Max Payne

If gaming runs in your blood veins, you must have heard about Max Payne. It is the most popular action game. If you want to see all these characters come alive, you should not miss the movie based on the video game. You will surely love the movie full of adventures and actions. The guy who played the role of Max Payne in the movie is none other than Mark Wahlberg. Max Payne is a character who slays a number of people and takes revenge on the culprits who killed his family. The movie gives you a great feel. If you are in search of amazing video-game movies, Max Payne will surely feed your desire.

Resident Evil

The movie was a roaring success. Most of the guys didn’t know that the movie was based on video games. The movie was appreciated by viewers a lot. In the movie, Alice is the main character who has telekinetic potential that she takes advantage of in order to cope up with the difficult phases to sustain her life. The movie has an interesting story that depicts the end of the world and shows that there is nothing but sand. She comes across Zombies too. There is a lot that will give you fun if you watch the movie. Resident Evil is really a great movie based on the video game. All the efforts to put your search to an end have been made here. It is likely that you may have loved the list of the best video-game movies. It is sure that all these video-game movies will feed your desire.

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Source: Best Video-Game Movies Every Gamer Should Watch

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