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Posted by AdrianRocker on May 31st, 2013

There is one thing that stands at the head of any driving school and is the chief of any action you may take on the British roads, and that is The Highway Code. First introduced in 1931, The Highway code was regulating the activity of just 2, 3 million vehicles while over 7000 people were dying each year in a traffic accident. Today, there are over 27 million vehicles on the road, so you would expect the number of victims to dramatically increase as well. However, the number of victims was reduced by the more stringent laws that have been implemented in the last years have, laws that you will learn to master in your driving lessons Hertford and Ware.

If during your driving lessons Ware you would take some time to consider the distinction between the 1931’s Highway Code and the one at present, you would be surprised at the number of life threatening distinctions that exist, in this case, that initial statistic of 7000 deaths per year coming as no surprise. First of all, in the first code, rear mirrors weren’t mentioned at all, and the only advice that drivers received when they were engaging in an overtaking manoeuvre was to simply sound their horn. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Especially when you’re considering the fact that the present Highway Code dedicates an entire chapter for crossing the road. Adversely, the original Code took up more than one third of its length to describe the various road and police signals while the 21st century one comfortably summarises them all in a few pages.

You can find The Highway Code generally in any book store at a price of approximately £2.50, or you can access it for free on the DSA website. As part of your driving lessons Ware, it is advisable to have a printed copy with you. In the Code, you will find covered all the aspects related to vehicle circulation that you’ll be required to know when taking your driving theory test and the hazard perception test. During your training as a new driver, an important part will be the self-testing. No matter how successful in teaching you how to drive, the driving lessons Hertford still require you to do some amount of individual study if your aim is to get the best passing score.

Depending on your learning needs, you can focus on areas such as traffic markings, stopping distances, speed limits, pedestrians or other vulnerable road users, motorways or dual carriageways, as well as the range of documents you are required to have for taking your driving license exam and for receiving the permission to drive in various circumstances further on. It will greatly benefit you to use The Highway Code as a resource alongside all the others involved in the driving lessons Ware, since it will be a continuous advisor on the manner in which you should act on the road and a warning of the penalties you will receive if you fail to do so.

The driving theory tests for which The Highway Code prepares you are now comprised of two parts: one consisting in multiple choice questions and another that test your ability to recognize faults during driving or to understand the action that must be taken in a certain situation. The multiple choice test will require you to answer at 50 questions randomly picked from a bank of 970 while the hazard perception test consists of 14 videos where you will be asked to click any time you recognize a developing hazard.

You can expect that at the end of your driving lessons Hertford or your driving lessons Ware, you will be able to thoroughly understand and put into practice the regulations of The Highway Code.

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