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Posted by AdrianRocker on May 31st, 2013

Which is the manoeuvre you fear the most? Moving off? Overtaking? Reverse parking? Regardless of your fears as a pupil driver, the driving lessons Cheshunt and Turnford will turn you at their end into a confident and capable driver to whom no manoeuvre is a secret any more, and who can adventure on the British roads without any concern regarding the safety of his life or that of others, since you’ll be a driver trained to face the most unpredictable situations which may arise on your way.

As a standard structure of the driving lessons Turnford, the first manoeuvres you will learn to do are the simplest ones, beginning with the fundamental Moving Off and its three fundamental steps: Prepare, Observe, Manoeuvre. You will start by clutching down with your left foot, palming towards your instructor and selecting the 1st gear. Secondly, you will have to set the accelerator with your right foot and keep it still. Thirdly, you will raise the clutch pedal until you successfully engage the engine and start moving. As you will learn in your driving lessons Cheshunt, a special attention should be given to this stage, since you can easily stall the car by lifting the foot too fast. Fourthly, you have to keep your feet still, thus completing the Prepare stage. As part of the Observation, you have to check all your mirrors in order to make sure that nothing impediments your vehicle from moving. Finally, after all these stages are safely conducted, you’re all set to go!

The opposite of the moving off, the Stopping Manoeuvre, is another basic move that you’ll learn how to do at the beginning of your driving lessons Cheshunt. This starts by taking your foot off the gas pedal and immediately covering the brake pedal. Secondly, with your left foot you will have to cover the clutch pedal and gently brake with your right foot. At this point, observation is also required as to make sure that no one is approaching and you must indicate left with your Direction Indicator. After you are assured that is safe to stop, you have to increase the braking pressure and brake to stop the car simultaneously as you clutch down with your left foot. The cars now still, put the handbrake on and relax.

More advanced manoeuvres that may send chills down your spine at the beginning include the overtaking and the reverse parking. When you’re engaging in overtaking, the first thing you’ll learn in your driving lessons Turnford is that you should never do this manoeuvre without planning. It’s forbidden to overtake in traffic junctions, long queues, narrow roads or blind spots since these are not safe locations. Before overtaking, you should always give the proper signals for the other drivers to see and make sure that as you’re performing the manoeuvre, you’re leaving enough space between you and the vehicle at your side.

When it comes to reverse parking, there are also a number of steps required to successfully complete the manoeuvre. Firstly you should drive no more than 1 meter away from the target vehicle, and then drive back slowly while ensuring that you don’t hit the other car’s corner. Secondly, as you see the car’s corner you should turn the steering wheel half of a turn towards left and then fully towards right as you come near to the back of the other vehicle.  Finally, you should check your distance from the kerb and make sure that you are two car lengths from the other car.

The driving lessons Cheshunt and the driving lessons Turnford are the best way in which you can dispel your fear of manoeuvres and quickly come to master them.

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