Three benefits of no win no fee solicitors

Posted by tedmark on June 1st, 2013

If you are not familiar with the expression “no win no fee”, we feel obliged to explain that it refers to the idea of paying a lawyer for his or her service only if there’s a favorable result for the client. No win no fee solicitors will only ask for your money if they have managed to win the case for you and they generally accept to apply this method to personal injury related issues. If you believe you have the right to be compensated for an injury which was cause by medical negligence, traffic accidents or one which occurred at work, across the United Kingdome there are several law firms and independent lawyers who will agree to take on your case and ask for a contingent fee. This type of method is highly beneficial for clients, and the following segment of this article will contain three reason why we advice you to go for it if you have been the unfortunate victim of an injury.

You could end up not paying even if you win the case!

According to the British laws regarding this matter, if your attorney wins the case, you will have to pay a normal fee, which will consist of work hours and a success fee. The win fee should not exceed a percentage of 100% from the normal fee. However, if your lawyer has managed to win a personal injury compensation claim, they are entitled to ask money from your opponent. This means that, if your case is solid, some attorneys may agree to work for free knowing that they will get the money back from the person/ company you are sewing.

The compensation you get will be all yours!

Another great thing about relying on the help of a solicitor who will charge you only if the case is won is that the money you get from your opponent will be all yours. Reputable lawyers will understand that you are fully entitled to get compensated from the injuries you suffered and will have no claim in the amount you received after the trial. They will do their best to make your opponent pay for his work but also for court fees and other similar expenses!

If the case is lost, you may not pay for court fees or your opponent’s fees!

Even though those who operate no win no fee business are usually highly trained professionals who win a really high percentage of their cases, there is still a chance the attorney you contracted will lose. This means that you will not be charged for your lawyer’s service, but you may be charged for the activity provided by your opponent’s attorney. In addition to that, you may be hold accountable for court fees. However, reputable firms have insurance that cover the costs caused by the attorney’s inability to successfully close the case.

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