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6 most delicious desserts you have to try in India and Asia

Posted by sector17 on July 24th, 2020

Let's put noodles and curry aside! We will now talk about sweets as we explore the unique world of Asia's must-try desserts.

Asian cuisine is famous for savory dishes, such as pho, sushi, curry, or dumplings. But those who love sweets should not ignore the best desserts in Asia. In any country when traveling in Asia, you will find bakeries, cafes, and market stalls selling delicious desserts. Some are traditional specialties. Some are modern and weird. All are great in their own way.

Top 6 desserts in Asian cuisine India - Kulfi

Stroll the streets of India and you'll find stalls selling colorful frozen desserts that make even the hottest visitors feel refreshed.

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream dish but popular throughout Asia. It is present everywhere, markets, and Indian restaurants, in the form of popsicles or mugs.

Kulfi is thicker and "creamy" than the regular creams we know. So is it the best dessert in Asia and better than any ice cream we've ever tried? It is a bold challenge.

While no gastronomic restaurant dares to rate the delicious desserts of Asia, with a variety of unusual flavors from cardamom to apples, Kulfi really hits the taste buds and the heat.

Japan - Ichigo Daifuku

Mochi has had a change. Traditional mochi is made from steamed rice, crushed, crushed, shaped into a ball-like shape, then baked or boiled.

Later, people added artificially into various mochi. Featuring strawberry mochi and red bean mochi.

Soft outside, sweet inside. Many confectioners in Japan claim to have created mochi dt in history. But no one can confirm it clearly. All you need to know is actually one of the best desserts in Asia.

Vietnam - Banh Cam

Forget Pho for a while, as simple Vietnamese desserts are great as well.

Banh Cam (sesame ball) is a deep-fried dough ball, wrapped in sesame or sugar, filled with sweet green peas, which bring a crispy outer layer and a warm, smooth inner filling.

Taiwan - Feng Li Su

This sweet pineapple jam-filled confectionery is a popular Taiwanese dessert. It looks simple, small but an important part of the culture here.

Feng li su is often given as an engagement gift, because in the Taiwanese language, "pineapple" sounds like a phrase that conveys the hope of a child being born.

There is even a pineapple cake cultural festival in Taipei. The competing bakeries create the most unique flavors by combining Feng li su with ingredients like Taiwanese rice or tea. Taiwanese love, as well as their creation with pineapple cake, seems endless and after trying this you forgot the taste of Noodle and Burger. For them, this is the best dessert in Asia.

Philippines - Ube Halaya

Traveling to the Philippines, you will find endless bakeries lined up on the street. They usually open 24/7 and sell warm, delicious snacks, from sweet bread to banana bread.

The most brilliant and most delicious of all is probably the Ube Halaya, made with purple potatoes. Boiled, ground, mixed with condensed milk, butter and sometimes coconut milk, purple potatoes make a surprisingly delicious dish.

This best Asian dessert is often eaten after being refrigerated.

China - Nai Wong Bao

Bite a piece of delicious, smooth Nai Wong Bao, and you will never need chocolate again. This sweet egg dumpling is a traditional dessert in Guangdong province.

It is made from custard powder and is steamed to perfection - simple but satisfying. The best is eaten hot, often served with other dim sum dishes.

Trust us, traveling to Asia, whether it's morning or evening, alone or with friends and family, you can't resist the best desserts in this continent.

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