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Posted by teresal on June 3rd, 2013

Supercell the studio is not in half measures. When an update comes out for Clash of Clans application (clash of clans gems sale), we are entitled to a large share of new! The title of war strategy introduces new buildings, new improvements and added viewing your attacks slow. In the kind of gameplay improvements, the town hall will spin until level 10, or the tower of hell projects a flame burn even the toughest armor. The gameplay has been re-balanced in some aspects of the game Here is the list of all the new features:

- Presentation of the City Hall level 10: the burning Fortress
New building defense: Tower of Hell!
- The Tower of hell projects a flame burn even the toughest armor.
- The flame is increasing with time, becoming especially effective against larger forces.
- Secure the hero PEKKAs and golems, and aim the dragons in the air!
- Attention: a troop of smaller targets can invade the Tower of hell.
Unlock powerful novel improvements to the City Hall level 10:
- Canon Tower archers, Giant Bomb and Drilling black elixir
- New levels of heroic barbarian king and queen of archers
- New levels improved arc-X and Air Defence
Journal of attack and slow down!
- Watch replays of your attacks
- Check the log of your attacks and the list of spoils and trophies won
- Show your best victories to your friends and family
- Analyze your best fights and upgrade your skills
Laboratory level 8: Faster, Higher, Stronger!
- Free former Red Dragon (Dragon Level 4)
- Crush everything in your path with the golem level 5
- Help your troops with the healer level 4
Interface improvements
- The game is now available in Chinese
- Improved compatibility with the keyboard. Write in any language!
- The smileys and other emoticons are now available in chat! Add special keyboard emoticons in your device settings (General> Keyboard> Keyboards> Add New Keyboard).
- Quickly navigate using the arrows between the Barracks screens, black Barracks and Factory spells
- The number of troops received clan now appears with the number of troops data
- The center of your village is now designated by a plate
- Breaks are now mandatory for players who stay connected for a long time
- Reduced capacity of housing required the healer, and the time and cost of the training
- Reduction of time for improvement and regeneration of the heroes, and the cost of improvements to certain levels
- Reduced cost of training golem levels 2, 3 and 4
- Reduced cost of improving the town hall at 9
- Reduced cost of improving the laboratory at 5, 6 and 7
- Reduced cost of improving the arc-X at levels 2 and 3
- Reduced cost of improving air defense at 7
- Reduced cost of improving the auger black elixir
Other bug fixes and various improvements

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