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The Food Safety Standards and Testing of Baby Food

Posted by beauty33 on July 25th, 2020

Definition of infant food

Baby food is a kind of food specially for infants and young children from birth to 3 years old. It can be divided into infant formulas (based on milk, bean and special medical uses), formulas for older infants and young children, and weaning periods (transition period) food.

Classification of infant food

It mainly includes infant formula, medical special infant formula and milk powder (soy matrix, iron fortification, low allergens, etc.), weaned infant cereals (cereals as the base, infants with fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) infant food supplement), frozen infant food supplement, organic infant food, etc.

Influencing factors of food safety for infants and young children

  • Biological contaminants: toxins (aflatoxinM1, B1, etc.), pathogenic bacteria (coliforms, salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter sakazakii, etc.)
  • Chemical pollutants: drug residues, hormones, prohibited additives, food leather hydrolysate, etc.), nitrate, nitrite, etc.
  • Physical pollutants: heavy metals(lead, arsenic, mercury, tin, etc.)

Main influencing factors-food additives

Common food additives in infant food:

Improve the nutrient content of the product-a nutrition enhancer;

Infants and children of different months of age have different levels of nutritional needs. Food nutrition fortifiers are a type of natural nutrients in the range of natural nutrients that are added to human food or artificially formulated to enhance nutrients. Food nutrient fortifiers are widely used in the factory for the enhancement of 72 infant foods. They play an active role in supplementing various nutrients for infants and young children. They are an important type of food ingredients for infants and young children.

Maintain or improve product quality or meet the needs of processing technology-emulsifiers, acidity regulators, antioxidants, etc. Due to the special nature of infant food, the use of food additives in them has stricter management and special limit requirements.

Specifications and testing of food additives

The specifications of food additives used in infant foods should comply with CAC/MISC6;

The detection methods mainly refer to the standards of developed countries or regions, such as the American Association of Analytical Chemists Standards (AOAC), Nordic Food Analysis Committee Standards (NMKL), European Union Standards (EN), etc.

Nutrition enhancer used in infant food:

In the CAC regulatory system, nutrition fortifiers do not belong to the category of food additives, and have separate management regulations.

  1. Guidelines CAC/GL10: Advisory lists of nutrient compounds for use in foods for special dietary uses intended for infants and young children, 1997 (amended 1983, 1991, revised 2008). The reference list of substances and trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, carnitine, taurine, choline, inositol, nucleotides and other nutrients and the list of food additives used as nutrient carriers and their limit requirements.
  2. There are special provisions for certain nutrients in various infant and child product standards, such as: Codex stan72: Only L-type amino acids are allowed, and commercial hydrogenated fats are not allowed. The content of trans fatty acids cannot exceed 3% of the total fatty acids. The list and amount of fatty acids used are regulated;Codex stan73: The total sodium content of the product should not exceed 200mg/100g, etc.
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