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Dog probiotics: keeping them healthy through the years

Posted by LauraDerbyshire on July 25th, 2020

There are many definitions that people use to define exactly what probiotics are. A quick search will produce the following; which is a bacterium, a microorganism, a supplement to the digestive tract, digestive boosters, and a multitude of other names. Truth be told, one way or the other is fine.

The bottom line is that they are a microbe that will protect the user and prevent disease. Using the generic term bacteria, many of us think of bacteria as bad and unhealthy. Some can be and some can even be deadly. So why have probiotics for dogs?

Let's go back and understand why dog ​​probiotics and certain bacteria are not only necessary, but also good for dogs. "The friendly bacteria that can be found within the intestinal tract play an important role for your dog by maintaining its defenses against disease and illness."

We call them friendly because, unlike bacteria that cause diarrhea, for example, the bacteria in dog probiotics will defend your pet against organisms so they don't get sick. It is so important that this complex system of balancing harmful and friendly bacteria is kept under control.

During our pets' normal life cycle, their own systems do a great job of regulating this balance and preventing a tug-of-war effect from being said in their system. But there are many things that enter your body and cause this imbalance. That's where dog probiotics come in.

Several normal events that cause these imbalances during your life are stress, poor or inadequate diets, all the chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers on your lawn, and just getting old. Each of these life-long situations may or may not cause problems, but they do exist and preventing or solving them in a quick order is the most effective remedy.

So what can we expect when we use probiotics for our dogs? By keeping your gut in a healthy state and maintaining correct levels of good bacteria, we would expect to see a reduction in blood cholesterol levels, significant antioxidant activity, and an increase in your energy levels.

With the good bacteria at the correct levels, we would also expect better digestion of your food. As dogs grow, the ability of their digestive tract to properly absorb the nutrients, vitamins, and vitamins necessary for a healthy body decreases. Ever wonder why older pets have a harder time maintaining weight even though they eat the same amount of food?

By giving probiotics to dogs, the beneficial bacteria in your pets' systems are better equipped to combat the growth of unhealthy organisms. So if you want to keep your dogs healthy, then supplement their diet with a high-quality pet probiotic and give your pet the opportunity he deserves for a long and healthy life.

Also, remember to read the label. Some but not all dog probiotics require refrigeration to keep bacteria stabilized. Above 60 degrees, good bacteria begin to break down. So keep this in mind.

At Pets Shop Direct, we focus on informative items and products for your pets. We know what your pets need and we are sure you will find exactly what they need here,

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