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Smart Thinking Over Positive and Negative Thinking

Posted by Mohitcafe on July 26th, 2020

If you classify things in both negative and positive then you're stuck in net at the same time. Because it is this truth that one can't exist without other. You should remember that there is equal and opposite reaction for every action. It's not the Newton's law because the nature did it. 

As we know nature longs for neutrality and encouragement, which is motivated by the underlying state of non duality which is unfortunately can hardly limit based on our thoughts be they positive or negative.

You can prefer Many lives Many Masters Book to get motivated and released all the confusion from your mind.

So if everything that is neutral positive and negative is just a question of perception does that mean we have to try to eliminate negative and positive thoughts at all? Should we try to bore our perceptions so that we can experience everything as it really is, i.e, amorphous, without continuity all connected? And not exposing ourselves to the risk of becoming a kind of vegetable that never feels something low or height that is actually an emotional state?

no reason to worry we are humans can't even get close to it unless we have several brain damage that I don't recommended. For some reason we think about everything as positive or negative before we can think about it thoughts that are much faster than us and out of our control. the come and go all the time even if we do.

as you can see it's not about what you think but how you judge what you think is the matter going to result in future. In other words the attention to the posture you observe in your head and the emotional state that it creates. Don't try to think more negatively aur become overconfident so the things gone wrong. The more you create confusion the more negatives you bring to make up for the things. If you think differently accept and live the obvious which was of life whether it is happy sad, low or high without taking it too seriously. after all life is just a game play smart and you win.

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