Marvel War of Heroes cheat codes, tips and tricks for Android and iOS

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On this page you will find a number of tips, tricks and cheats for the card game War of Marvel Heroes (Marvel War of Heroes Gold) for Android, iPhone and iPad. The card game War of Heroes from the Marvel Zombies home enjoying themselves months after the publication still very popular and deservedly so. In the card game on Android and iOS card game fans and especially fans of the Marvel Universe come to your cost. The player can assemble his own deck of superheroes and thereby compete against other players from around the world in the game. In addition, the player has the potential to play a kind of campaign in which there is to do lots of missions and tasks.

In addition, the player can not only fill up your own deck with his favorite superheroes from the Marvel films, but can upgrade the cards and some even merge, so it an even more superhero is formed, which can be used to the enemy the fear of God. About the Marvel War of Heroes game for Android and iOS recommend for all card games fans, especially if they are fans of the Marvel Universe.

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MARVEL War of Heroes
Marvel War of Heroes Tips and Tricks

In this chapter we want to show you a series of Marvel Heroes War of tips that mainly aimed at beginners of the app, but possibly could be interesting even for experienced players of Marvel War of Heroes (Cheap Marvel War of Heroes gold).

How can I charge the energy beam back

Every time you take to a duel, the energy bar empties and some possible then this should not be empty. For if the energy is beamed into Marvel War of Heroes empty, you can not take the fight, except you can buy with an in-app purchase more energy or you wait a certain time. Here you get every minute credited 1 energy point if you do not fight.

What is the silver currency

The silver currency or coins are meant to, for example, to upgrade their cards and upgrade, and you also need to respond to these coins an alliance with other games. The coins you get, among other things for the sale of cards that you no longer needed in the deck of Marvel War of Heroes.

Suggestion number 3: Where can I get more resources?

To come to more resources in Marvel War of Heroes, you have to best fulfill other missions. Often you get after successful completion of a Marvel War of Heroes mission, more resources credited to the account. This may be a part of an object, or in some cases even rare and special cards.

Tips number 4: How can I prevent the other players steal my cards

If the player loses the game in Marvel War of Heroes, the next player gets coins and experience also has a number of cards from the deck of the loser. During the fight, you can always protect a card, so this does not pass even with a defeat in the possession of the winner.

Tips Number 5: Seek out an alliance

As the name of the Games App Marvel War of Heroes says, you should look for a possible alliance in Marvel War of Heroes. So you can not only enjoy the benefits of one or the other reward but also makes it easy much more fun with other players and play on a team at the same time.

Marvel War of Heroes Cheats

Again and again we were asked if there is for example a Marvel War of Heroes Cheats with the energy you can fill the energy within a few seconds. In short, no there are no cheats for Marvel War of Heroes. Since the game is executed on a server and the corresponding properties are also there, they can not be manipulated. Prefers to play hard and fair and do not waste your time searching for Marvel War of Heroes Cheats.

More Tips and Tricks for Marvel War of Heroes
If you still have more tips and tricks for Games App Marvel War of Heroes (Cheap gold Marvel War of Heroes sale) , so you can feel free to leave a comment under this article and replace you with other players from Marvel Heroes War of us. The published advice we will get in touch with in this article.

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