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3 Types of Link Building Packages That You Should Take into Consideration

Posted by ThomasDecker on July 27th, 2020

2 Types of SEO Services Canada Used for Building Links!

But nowadays, only two of them remain, and they are the ones used almost entirely in all link building packages. Very rarely will you see other types of SEO services Canada that use other methods. The main reasons for this are the updates that Google made almost continuously.

In the past, the main focus of search engines was the number of backlinks that your website had. Based on that, your website’s authority was higher, depending on the number of links. In turn, your website’s ranks were also higher on the same principle. But, after several updates, the focus of the search engines switched to the quality of the links. And the main requirement for that is the quality of the content used to build these links. This is why there are only two methods that the agencies still use after all this time.

• Guest posting. Guest posting is the top method that any website can use to have success in their off-site SEO campaigns. As the name implies, you have to write and post articles for other websites. If done right, then this method is a win-win situation. The host website will get new content for free, and the guest will get the backlinks and a part of the visitors from the host. But this method is generally slow because it takes a lot of time and effort to find websites that will allow you to post the articles.

• Content marketing. This is the standard for the packages offered by the agencies, and they represent a combination of several content-based methods that are used to build links. Depending on the agency, the methods used can differ. But the most popular ones are social media links, press releases, forums, and other websites in the industry where articles or posts can be shared freely. Although the quality of the links obtained from this method is lower, the potential of this method is still very high.

Pros and Cons of Standard Link Building Packages!

The standard link building packages have their own pros and cons. But in general, they are the preferred alternative because of the results that they can bring in the long run. Keep in mind that you also need to take the situation of your website into consideration and understand the investment limit that can be used for SEO. To understand why most agencies provide the standard method more, you need to know the benefits and the upsides and the downsides of these methods.

• Downsides. The standard method has two goals. The first one is a high number of links, while the second one is the quality of these links. But because it has two goals and the number of links is the main one, it can’t produce the same results per link as the guest posting method. This means that your website will need a much higher number of links to be able to produce the same results as its alternative. Also, the authority of the websites used for building the links is not very high, which will impede a fast rise with only a few links. Keep in mind that the quality of the content used must also be high. Otherwise, it will reduce the effects of this method even more.

• Upsides. But this method does not only have downsides. It also has upsides. The first and essential one is the potential of building a high number of links in a short period. For example, a social media post going viral, or an infographic is popular and used by many websites in the industry. Also, with high-quality content, the long-term results of this method will rise exponentially. This will allow your website to reach the top much faster than any other method. If a continuous effort is made, then the top position will also remain unbeatable.

When Should You Consider SEO Services Canada Based on Guest Posting?

Even though the standard method is popular and very effective. But it is not the best alternative in every situation. For example, if your website is new and its authority is low, then you should look for SEO services Canada that use the guest posting method. Why? Because an effective guest posting campaign is the best method to increase the authority of your website fast. You need a much lower number of links to get the same results as using the standard link building method. But this method is hard to use in the long term.

If you can guest post on the top websites in your industry, then your website’s authority will also rise accordingly. Search engines will consider that your website is approved by the top ones and will give more importance to it. But if you want to guest post on these types of websites, then you need to be prepared to pay a lot of money to an SEO agency that can do this. Or you need to be able to convince these websites yourself. But without the proper connections, you will not be able to convince them easily. You need to have content of the highest quality and be able to showcase to them all the benefits that they can get from your articles.

The second situation in which you should use guest post services is when you are already well connected in the industry. More exactly, when you are sure that many of the webmasters in your industry will allow you to post your articles on their websites. If you can do this, then you will have a much easier time using this method. Why? Because the hardest part of guest posting is finding websites in your industry where you can post your articles. In this situation, you need to create high-quality pieces of content. If you can’t do that, then you can use the content writing services offered by an SEO agency.

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