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Posted by GiulyRotarry on June 6th, 2013

Data security and management is always an important consideration, whether you have a home PC or a large business. Errors will appear even in optimum operating circumstances, and there’s nothing really that can protect you from accidentally deleting an important file permanently. Most people will keep some sort of PC file back-up system, in case something goes wrong, but external hard drives can malfunction as well. Moreover, even if you were careful and made a back-up,  this won’t update automatically so if you want to keep your updated files secure, you have to do back-up after back-up, which can prove to be quite time consuming. Read on to find more about how virtual desktop solutions can help you, and to find out how to choose between the best virtual desktop providers.

Virtual desktop solutions represent a simple but very effective concept. When you’re using virtual desktop solutions you’re storing, or hosting all of your software applications and data in professional data centers, operated by virtual desktop providers. Your information is stored remotely, but you have access to it anywhere, and anytime – all you need is an internet-capable device. Virtual desktop solutions bring many advantages to the home user and the business-owner alike.

Though you might think business would reap the most benefits from such solutions, home users can also benefit immensely from using virtual desktop solutions on their home PCs. Security is always a critical concern, and these days we tend to store most of our sensitive information and documents on our home PC, which makes them vulnerable to viruses and attacks. When you’re using remote desktop solutions you’re entrusting your personal data to security professionals. Virtual desktops include high-grade anti-virus software, and they give you access to secure platforms on which to conduct all your activity.

If you’re looking to switch to a virtual desktop solution, be it for your personal or business PC needs, you should do a bit of research before settling on any of the many virtual desktop providers out there. Look for virtual desktop providers that don’t place limitations on transfer speeds or bandwith usage. Some companies might lower their subscription prices to attract new business, but if you’re not careful, you might find, after signing the contract, that you’ll need to pay a lot of extra fees to surpass your set bandwith usage limits or transfer speeds.

Next, look for virtual desktop providers that offer a free trial. Most reliable companies will offer at least a one week trial period, for you to test out all the features available in order to decide if a virtual desktop is the best solution for you. You should also have access to the Support department during your free trial period.

Lastly, look for virtual desktop providers that have reliable and professional Customer Servide departments. Most reputable companies will have help desks that are open 24/7, and which offer support via phone, e-mail and internal help desk tickets. The best companies will also have a Knowledge base open to their customers, with further help topics and relevant advice.

Whether you’re a home user or the owner of a business, you can benefit from using virtual desktop solutions and have open access to all your files, anywhere and anytime you want. Follow these pointers to find the best virtual desktop providers for your needs.

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