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Posted by teresal on June 7th, 2013

In May 2013, there are three games dominated the leaderboard iOS and Google Play, respectively Clash of Clans (clash of clans gem) , Chi Long Lost City and Candy Crush Saga. Since the previous two games almost since the October 2012 never left the top of the table position, Candy Crush Saga is just squeeze into the top of the charts in November, seeing these games retention and operating conditions remain higher level is a very interesting thing.
In the publisher rankings, some companies ranked in the April index ranking substantial growth, including Ninjafish, Gameloft, Sega, Orangenose Studios, King and COLOPL. In the application list, the Sonic the Hedgehog, History of the cattle of the game 2, Toy Truck Rally 3D and MANUGANU is ranking the largest growth. Action and arcade games continue to dominate the game download list; leisure, puzzles and games simulation games occupy a large part of revenue ranking list.
EA consecutive month to maintain the first position of the publisher, King With two games released in March growth, successful publisher got a third in the rankings.

With the release of new games and the introduction of price promotions, publishers ranking position or some changes:

• Ninjafish occupied the second position, the company released a children's game Dentist Office, Wedding Day Makeover, and Movie Star Makeover, as well as Princess Makeover so very successful.

• Gameloft With the recent release of Iron Man 3 and Dungeon Hunter 4 successful growth of five rankings, has now become a publisher ranking fourth.

• Sega Publisher rankings in the rapid growth of the 18 position, occupied April publishers list the first five. The Japanese company rankings change due to Sonic the Hedgehog growth, in early April, when the game through the toll free mode to shift once occupied the first place in the standings income.

• Australian company Halfbrick Studios as the classic game Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD downloads increased, also entered the top ten positions publisher. Both games are usually charges were 99 cents and $ 2.99, in April there was a time to take the free mode.

• Orangenose Studios is April Ranked publisher largest growth charts. The studio in late March released a history of the game 2, thus making the company successfully entered the April issue of the top ten suppliers.

As the picture above script mark, LINE introduced separately from the index. This variety of game publishers continued success and released three new consumer guessing game LINE JELLY performance, also entered the top ten publishers. Although LINE's iOS game's biggest growth driver is Japan, but this game publishers in Thailand, China and Taiwan's performance is also very good.

Google Play Ranking publisher iOS is relatively stable. King is April Issuer Ranking largest growth companies, an increase of four ranked as fifth. The success of the company's cross-platform covers iOS App Store, Google Play and Facebook, the company's current total of more than 70 million DAU. It is worth noting that in April in, Google Play publisher top ten, there are six companies in Europe, and before this list usually consists of leading U.S. and Asian distributors.

April publishers leaderboards and March are very similar, because there was no iOS app revenue standings particularly large changes. Supercell and GungHo Online April grossing continue to occupy the top two positions. Supercell was mainly due to two very popular game in the world success, and GungHo Online, by contrast, mainly due to the success of a company called Chi Long Lost City of the game, the game mostly from revenues Japanese mainland.

Japan and South Korea continue to dominate the publishers Google Play 4 monthly income standings, only EA and King, European and American publishers.

With the separate LINE and NHN, LINE became publisher revenue Google Play Ranking fourth, driven mainly by the game, such as three elimination games LINE POP and LINE Bubble and parkour game LINE WIND. In addition, NHN also entered the top ten, it is also relying on games, such as the launch of the Fish Friends Kakao platform and Wooparoo Mountain.

COLOPL through multiple game up four rankings, such as pu ro baseball PRIDE (Professional Baseball Pride), Mibao Detectives (Treasure Detective), and black イ Season RPG magic to make Kei と Black Cat Full ウ ィ Season ((Quiz RPG) Magician and Black Cat Wiz). All three games and the intellectual Long Lost City similar point is that players must answer riddles to attack monsters.

And March, as April's rankings most of them are arcade and action game. Candy Crush Saga once again occupy the top spot, Real Racing 3's performance remains good, and again occupied the top ten a month.

In the past few months, iOS download list of the top ten games often have a new game to enter the list, however, released in April of the game very much and quickly entered the list:

• Warner Brothers unjust Alliance: God in our hearts, ranked third. The game's iOS release several weeks earlier than the motherboard. Unrighteous Union on both platforms have gained good results, in the physical game sales, the game has also entered April selling games list. It should be noted that, although the host before the game occupy the leading position in the portable gaming market, but mobile gaming applications are occupy an increasingly important position. According to a recent IDC report, portable gaming, consumer spending on iOS games already in the first quarter than console games.

• Iron Man 3 is not the same as taking a Parkour content, starting soon become the first seven, of course, iTunes home in more than 100 countries recommended period of one week is an important motivating factor. Iron Man 3 represents a cross-channel marketing mobile application levels. The game Gameloft issued by a French company, is in Paris and America's Iron Man 3 movie release issued between the date.

• ranked fourth Dentist Office, the game released by the Ninjafish Studios, the company released a series of children's games.

• occupy the eighth is Anton Vazhinsky the Draw Rider game, players in the game cycling through obstacles. The game shows independent developers can still get great success. In addition, the game also proved that the Russian developer focus for global players are still very successful experience.

• Turkey developers Mobil Interaktif released Real Basketball gained global virtual basketball game player's attention, the first to enter the top ten. The game's iTunes Home in Asian countries get a good promotion, during this period, the game's ranking rose rapidly.

March release of some of the games are slowly entering the April list:

• Sega released parkour game Sonic the Hedgehog became the second. The game's price from $ 2.59 in March dropped to $ 1.99, and later dropped to 99 cents. Since April 1 it, the game took a free mode.

• Singapore publisher Orangenose Studios released response training game, History of the cattle of the game 2 due to the growth in China, became the April ranking fifth.

Although most of the rankings is a new game, but the Fruit Ninja is an exception, this classic game was released three years ago, in April became the ranking tenth, the game's ranking shows the changes in the last index trends report, the game in April 11 from 99 cents after turning free, has rapidly increased, while access to the App Store home in more than 150 countries, one week of the promotion.

And the iOS App Store Similarly, Google Play 4 月份 chart is mainly occupied by the arcade and action games in recent months has been the case, and the application of these download chart is mainly outside Asia publishers launch.

In this month's rankings, Candy Crush Saga grew by 2 rankings, became the first, partly due to the growth of Taiwan downloads. Candy Crush Saga currently in the iOS App Store and Google Play platforms have occupied the first position of the download list.

March release of novice swim into the April top ten, including 3dinteger's Toy Truck Rally 3D, Lima Sky's Doodle Jump and Turkish publisher Alper Sankay released MANUGANU. MANUGANU ranking rise and the game on Google Play Home more than 40 countries to promote almost simultaneous.

iOS game revenue standings ranked relatively stable years, five years from January until April, nothing has changed. Now sixth and also to maintain a consistent March.

Chi Long Lost City once again won the chart-topping position, in the end of April, the game publisher announced GungHo Online game revenues reached 13 million downloads. On the revenue side, GungHo game for the company is expected to bring a 94 percent first-quarter revenue. As the publisher announced in April revenue $ 119 million, I believe everyone can imagine how successful into the game. The company CEO Morishita and trees on the App Annie says:

Although we do not do any comment on income, to see so many global players like Chi Long Lost City , we still feel very happy and we improve the online gaming experience in the field, and the smart machine online games do very suitable mobile platform. Obviously, this kind of game has been recognized and welcomed by global players and we will continue to focus on making fun games.

Meanwhile, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga were maintained in the second and third place, however, Candy Crush Saga has begun to challenge the Clash of Clans (buy cheap gems for clash of clans) of income status, and in some large markets over the game, such as the United States and English regions.

Both entered the top ten of the new games are inspired from the comic:

• Warner Brothers released unjust Alliance: God in our hearts, occupied the seventh position standings income. The use of DC Comics fighting game of roles, including Batman to Green Lantern and so on. The game uses the standard energy charging function. The game also successfully exploited card collecting games (CCG) features, players can buy a special card or a different key cards and specialty items.

• MARVEL War of Heroes up 5 ranking, now became the first eight, the game continued to perform in the popular English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

My World to continue growth in the top ten. The game is priced $ 6.99, which is the only one fee income chart application.

Kabam's hobbit kom mithril is also maintained in the top ten positions. In addition Supercell, outside, Kabam is the only one two games into the income of the top ten publishers.

And in recent months Similarly, in April of revenue Google Play Ranking Most publishers are still from Japan and South Korea, South Korea region of the game mainly through Kakao distribution. As before, the game is still the most casual games, there are some puzzle and arcade action game. Most of the top games are relatively new, the most on Google Play has released six months. The only exception is blood brothers and Chi Long Lost City, is released before last October.

In the top rankings, Chi Long Lost City and Kakao edition Windrunner maintained ranked previous months, it is worth mentioning that the intellectual Long Lost City since the beginning of last October 11 in Japan has been the district revenue Google Play Championship.

Candy Crush Saga continued steady growth, becoming the April third. In the end of February, publishers King announced that the game will push Asia, Japan and South Korea market. Although Candy Crush Saga in April revenue comes from a lot of countries, but Japan's revenue growth was particularly fast.

Although April is also a lot of the top ten games in March among the top ten, but still there are three new games are new entrants into the charts:

Kakao version of the Cookie Run # 6 is the only one starting to enter the top ten list of game revenue. Publisher Devsisters on App Annie explained the reason for the success of the game:

Kakao Cookie Run is a very popular product, enter the Google Play April list of the top ten income we are very pleased this IP has a long history, since 2009 Devsisters release OvenBreak the AppStore since the core concepts have been updated, so now launched a high-quality Kakao Cookie Run , Devsisters producer and founder Jihoon Lee said.

By focusing on the target users, we Cookie Run a careful optimization, also improved gameplay, the player participation and social features are improved, the other is that we offer a lot of interesting virtual items can improve the player experience and operation of the game in South Korea reflect particularly well, we also plan to push the game to other countries outside of Korea, on the Cookie Run further promote.

• Fincon's Kakao Hello Hero grew 4 ranking, currently ranked seventh in the month ranking fourth paragraph Kakao game.

• LINE Bubble grew 6 ranking, and LINE POP together, the game was brought publishers LINE 2 three elimination games revenues of the top ten results.

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