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Posted by McKibbenStudios on June 11th, 2013

Art has evolved over the years and so has the ways to buy it. Internet is the most preferred method of buying these days. New age buyers prefer to buy artworks online. So, let’s try to find factors that influence shoppers to buy art online.

Convenience in shopping,

selecting and Time The art market on all levels is changing due to the Internet. In today’s world when everybody is striving hard to make their presence felt online, fine art galleries have also started focussing on the online market. In today’s world when everybody is working round the clock, people have very little time to walk into an art gallery or an exhibition. So, for the busy connoisseurs of art who don’t have time to go to art galleries, it’s much easier to shop for art online. For the online shopper, buying art is just a click away. Moreover, there’s no opening and closing times in an online art gallery. So, the buyers can browse through the art works at their convenience.

Good value and large varieties

Online art galleriesgenerally list prices online for their artworks. People can scan prices and see what fits their budget. Moreover, online art gallerieshave wide varieties of art works that gives buyers various options to choose from. Online buyers can also compare and view many paintings easily, at their own pace.

Artist’s Information

By looking at an artist’s artworks and his portfolio, art aficionados can easily learn about the artists and the kind of work he has to offer.A small preview of the artist and his artworks is usually available online.

No Pressure

Art collectors can view artworks in their own time without having someone influence their decision to buy.


Online art galleries notify customers of upcoming events via e-mails. Customers can check out pieces of art to determine if it’s worthwhile to go to the physical store location.

Happy Customers

Online Art patrons are happy with the option of shopping for art online.


Proof of authenticity, provenance of the artist’s works is given once the sale is completed.

Emerging Talent

By buying art from online artists, you will be helping support emerging artists and enable them to create more art.

Online galleries often form part of a wider online operation, with other popular facilities including:

• blogs

• news

• reviews

• events listings

• pricing information

• gallery listings

• forums

Hence, with a plethora of art works to choose from, online art galleries are becoming the preferred method of buying artworks. Mckibben online art gallery is the best place to buy any kind of artwork online. From their website one can choose from a wide variety of art works like Giclees on canvas, serigraphs, Portraits, acrylic paintings, original artwork and many more. Mckibben art gallery is committed to publishing the highest quality standards possible of their Fine ART Editions to Galleries, Collectors and Clients.

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