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Posted by gbracing on June 11th, 2013

Taking good care of your bike chain is highly crucial. A rusty and an unclean chain compel a rider to work harder and struggle too much. It also effects gear shifting, and can influence the other parts of the drive train. Hence abike chain guard is a vital to protect your chain from damage. While its major function of a chain guard is to protect the chain from severe elements, it also prevents biker’s clothing from getting entangled in the drive train and helps to keep grease off of the clothes, as well. There are three kinds of chain guards available –

Full Chain Guards:


Full Chain enables you completely cover the chain right from front chaining till the rear end. It renders complete protection to the rider’s clothing from the drive train including protecting the drive train from road grime and rain.


Full chain guards are pretty heavy and are unsuitable for front derailleurs. Some designs are so that they make flat repairs on the roadside pretty difficult. Hence, if you are opting for this chain guard then you must make sure that your bike has a puncture-resistant tubes and tires, which is well combined with a liquid sealant.

Partial Chain Guards:


This is the most common of chain guard that we see covering the upper part of the chain. Partial chain guards certainly weigh less than the full chain. It also provides less unrestricted access to the rear wheel for roadside repairs. Furthermore, they also protect the rider’s clothing from being stained or getting caught in the drive train.


They are inappropriate for derailleur’s and do not protect drive train from harsh elements.

Chain wheel Discs:


Chain wheel discs are chain rings, which do not have teeth. They do provide a good amount of protection and are pretty lighter when compared to the first two kinds of chain guards. Their biggest advantage of it is they enable the use of a front derailleur.


Chain wheels will only be helpful in partially protecting the rider’s clothing from the drive train. They will not be of any help in protecting the drive train from harsh elements.

However, each type of bike chain cover has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all have the same purpose of protecting the chain from crude elements, which makes them a must have component of your bicycle. Depending on your need choose the one which best solves your purpose.

Online is listed many distributors who offer a wide range of chain guards at reasonable rates. You can log in and compare prices offered by different distributor and settle for the one who offers the best one at reasonable rates.

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This article is written by Graham Banks. Who is also associated with GB Racing. GB Racing has established itself as the market leader in Motorcycle Protection Products. They now have a FIM approved product range worldwide and provide protection gears like motorcycle frames, engine covers, bike chain guard, and much more.

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