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Posted by AxelPrice on June 12th, 2013

The social and video platforms such as Facebook and Vimeo have been throughout the past years the target of countless conspiracy theories that pointed to the dangers posed for personal information and privacy, and the possibilities of suffering some form of fraud as a result of careless activity. However, as most conspiracy theories, they have slowly faded away and made room for these platforms’ turning into priceless advertising tools and the rush of businesses to buy Facebook subscribers or to buy Vimeo views that can aid them in their continual process of expansion and quest for profit.

The traffic you can generate if you decide to buy Facebook subscribers isn’t related solely to your Facebook fan page, but also involves a complex network of interlinked company websites or blogs that are specifically conceived to attract large crowds. This is commonly known as free traffic and the methods for augmenting it include posting product or company videos on various video platforms and optionally choosing to buy Vimeo views in order to increase their sharing rate, posting advertising articles on websites specially created for this purpose, posting high quality contents on different blogs related to your sector of activity  and creating forums that can successfully bring together a large number of customers to express their opinions on your services.

The above mentioned methods are simple means that in a relatively short time can significantly boost your company’s popularity. However, if you aim high, the option of paid traffic is also available at your request. Besides the possibility to buy Facebook subscribers, the paid traffic options refer to your positioning on the most utilized search engines, and the price you ultimately have to pay is proportional to the number of clicks the your company’s website receives following a user’s search. Both the free and the paid traffic cannot be generated spontaneously, and a certain effort is expected from your part if you wish to create a general buzz and build a follow-up.

A video platform that enables you to post, edit, encode and direct your company’s videos prior to sharing them is a cost effective way of contributing to your business marketing. If you are more pretentious, you can create for yourself exclusive channels that are visible to a targeted audience only after a search is conducted in this sense, preventing your company’s image and services from mingling with other poor quality and unrelated videos. If you choose to buy Facebook subscribers and register with all the other available social mediums, such as Twitter, Linked-In, StumbleUpon, Quora, Blogger, Reddit, Foursquare, chance are that you’ll be completely taken by surprise.

The online video marketing strategies, along with the invaluable applications provided by Facebook, are this age’s state of the art advancements, and it would be probably your culmination in the field of social media manipulation if you succeed to make your video and written posts go viral. Always keep in mind that you are engaged in a fierce competition with the other companies equally wishing to profit from the realm of social networking and the final difference will be made by your concern for high quality and customer satisfaction.

Opt to buy Facebook subscribers if you aim make the traffic on your page go sky rocket or to buy Vimeo views if you wish to be one step closer to turning viral!

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