Install Hochiki Fire products and stay safe if there?s a blaze

Posted by robertwell on June 13th, 2013

Fit Hochiki Fire systems inside a workplace and you are forewarned and forearmed in the event of a blaze. Hochiki Fire systems are the first line of defence if fire breaks out, they pre-warn you and enable you evacuate a building in safety and minimise the chances of accident or injury.Hochiki Fire products are well-renowned for their efficiency and effectiveness in times of crisis. You can link them to Kentec control panels and they won’t let you down should the unthinkable happen in the future. Choose Hochiki Fire components and they are ready to react at the first sign of trouble. Here are some of the Hochiki Fire Products you might want to use as part of a fire control system.

Call points are one of the items you should consider as part of a Hochiki Fire system. Call points are little red boxes that are normally fitted to the walls of a building. You can install the call points at various parts of your building and somebody spots a blaze they push the plastic on the front of the boxes and it sets off an alarm. Call points are essential features of a Hochiki Fire System and you can wire them to Kentec control panels so site supervisors know the areas where a blaze has broken out.

Smoke detectors are other Hochiki Fire goods that help to save lives. At the first whiff of smoke the detectors activate an alarm and when you wire them to Kentec control panels you know where the problem lies. It’s a good idea to fit smoke detectors in stairwells, corridors and other high foot traffic areas so they can react at the first sign of smoke.

Warning sounders and flashing beacons can also be helpful when they are fitted as part of a Hochiki Fire system. People need to be made aware that a problem exists and sounders notify them there’s a risk of fire. Plus flashing beacons are essential for the hard of hearing that might not hear sounders but can see visible warnings instead. Install sounders and flashing beacons as part of your Hochiki Fire system and you cater for a larger group of people.

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