Types of food you could enjoy at Festival catering

Posted by robertwell on June 13th, 2013

It’s festival time folks and that means one thing - you’ll have loads of choice when it comes to festival catering! Festival catering is a massive part of the event and without a few catering vans it just wouldn’t be the same. No matter what type of festival you attend this year there’ll come a point when you get hungry and need something tasty from a concession catering van. And that’s a magical moment because it means you get to sample the Festival catering for yourself which is really exciting. The one thing you notice about <a href="http://www.kkcatering.co.uk">festival catering</a> is the sheer amount of choice. There are vans that cater for all types of taste and food of all descriptions up for grabs.

Head to a festival this year and the moment you walk onto the site the smell of concession catering greets your nostrils. It’s hard to miss the wonderful aroma of festival catering and when you start to feel peckish there are plenty of mouth-watering treats to enjoy. Burger vans are one of the most popular types of Festival catering. You can’t beat a quarter-pounder with cheese and a stash of fries when you feel those hunger pangs. Add some fried onions and a decent dollop of ketchup and you’re good to go with a super snack that’s sure to fill you up.

Fish and chips are another popular option for festival catering. Everybody loves the aroma of freshly fried fish and piping hot chips, especially when they are doused in salt and vinegar. The queues for fish and chip vans are always large at outdoor events and this shows how much people love this type of Festival catering.

Burgers and fish and chips are some of the most sought after Festival catering but a busy site will have plenty of other catering vans to tempt money out of your pocket. Mobile pizza vans are a welcome sight when you feel those hunger pangs, so too are baked potato vans and doner kebab vans are great for Festival catering when you’ve consumed a few drinks and it’s late at night. The brilliant think about Festival catering is it caters for everyone and there’s always something scrummy to buy from concession catering vans. 

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