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How to Pack Glasses When Moving

Posted by agarwaldrs on July 28th, 2020

When preparing to move the kitchen, you must be careful when removing delicate items such as glasses, crockery, and cups. We have some simple solutions so you can do by packing the dishes to ensure every glass item lands in your new home in one piece.

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Use the small size of boxes for glasses, crockery, and other fragile items when shifting the kitchen. You'll also need ironing paper, newsprint, towels, or other delicate material - anything that can be easily attached to any glass or set of glasses. You can use bubble wrap, but remember that it is difficult to reuse and expensive to buy. The various free materials also work similarly. If you are going to wrap your glass items or any kitchen items with old newspapers then you must wash those kitchen items because the ink of the newspaper can be harmful.

Basic Requirements

  1. Tools
  2. Marker
  3. Materials
  4. Medium-sized boxes
  5. Paper for Packing, Old News Paper, Unused Towels, or Bubble Wrap
  6. Tape for Packing

Box Packing

You can use newspapers or packing papers for the base of the crate. Use the newspaper, fold them, and stuff into the box which creates a strong base for household items.

You can use the old towel or clothes to create a strong base for the box.

Packing the Glass Items

First, wrap the heavy glass items into the box. You will place them on the base of the container with lighter glasses on top.

Using plain, clean surface and place a stack of paper or towels on the table. Put one glass or cup in one corner of the stack of paper or towels on the edge. Start rolling up the glass or cup, and as it moves, put paper closures or a towel into the glass opening. Wrap the glass items until the glass is fully secured.

Pack two Similar Glass Items in one Box

Use two glass for one sheet and wrap it if you do not have enough packing materials. This technique works well when you have a similar type of glass items. Follow the same instruction, once you've used a large portion of a sheet of paper and the main glass is fully wrapped and secured, add a second glass close to it and continue wrapping by inserting the paper closes into the next glass opening.

Create Layers in Box

As the fragile glass items or glasses are covered, they overlap the trim at the base of the glass items to form a proper compressed package. You shouldn't be able to feel the edge of the cup now. The packing should be thinking and if you touch the glass you should not feel the edge. If you're feeling this then use more stuffing.

Place a glass or a set of glasses in a crate on ahead of folded paper or stacked towels.

Pack the Box

Wrap the glass bawl into one another and use bubble wrap to protect the glass. Provide substantial; larger glasses are at the base and lighter glasses at the top.

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Wrapped Glasses

For glasses with a delicate stem, such as wine glasses, you can follow the directions above, but when you start wrapping the glass, make sure you wrap the stem first. Use a large portion of the sheet to wrap the stalk, at this point place it on a pile of paper and start curling it. Thanks to this, the most delicate piece of glass is very well protected. Likewise, you should wrap each glass in turn on the stem, not two, and those glasses should consistently be pressed into the envelope last, leaving plenty of room for additional padding at the top of the case.

Pad the Top

Make sure you don't fill the suitcase and leave room on top for additional ironing material. Make sure the folded paper measure that you added to the base of the case is a similar amount that you add to the top. Or again, if you're using towels or other materials, leave enough space to put on a thick topcoat.

Check and Seal the Box

Before closing the container, gently shake it back and forth. You should not be able to hear the click of any glass or feel its substance move.

When you are satisfied with your ironing, seal the crate with some pressure tape and name it, paying attention to what's inside and in which room it belongs. Constantly check the box as "fragile" so that transporters know to take care when taking care of it. 

Other Packing Tips

Ask the forte wine store or liquor store in case they can give you some insulated boxes which will provide extra protection for your crystal.

In case you pack stacks of glasses in the case with other fragile things, make sure that the glasses are placed in constant motion, on the head with different things.

Do not repack the container in any case, make sure there is no place where the glasses could move. The additional room should be topped with torn off the paper or airy foil.

Source Page: How to Pack Glasses When Moving

Blog: Dayanand Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director, Agarwal Packers and Movers

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