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Posted by robertwell on June 14th, 2013

Fluorescent paper and card is great for getting people’s attention as the colours are extremely bold and striking. For instance fluorescent paper is used by shops and market traders as a way of advertising items that may be on special offer, offers like a buy one get one free or two for one offer.

Fluorescent paper is also used in schools as it helps children with their learning. It is also used in craft lessons too as children love to make posters and pictures with lots of different bright colours. Crafters and people who make handmade cards will also use Fluorescent Paper  on a regular basis too. Crafters find that fluorescent paper is of great use for background colours so it gives their cards a bold and striking look. 

There are many different colours of fluorescent paper available today, colours like yellows, greens and pinks, all of which are bright and bold and perfect for advertising all different types of things. You can buy single sheets of fluorescent paper in craft shops, post offices and well stocked newsagents, but you can also buy it from specialist retailers on the internet as well.

Wholesalers are another place where you can find fluorescent paper, whether it small packs of say 10 sheets, or much larger packs of 100 or 500 sheets. You can buy packs of just one colour, or if you prefer you can buy packs of various colours of fluorescent paper. In fact you can even buy fluorescent paper from auction sites too, and more often than not you can grab yourself a great bargain by buying your paper supplies this way.

Fluorescent paper also comes in various different sizes too, with the three most common being A3, A4 and A5. You can also buy shaped cards in all different kinds of shapes. If you have visited your local market for example you will no doubt have seen a fruit and veg stall advertising their wares with fluorescent paper in the shape of a star or a circle as it is a great way to catch the customer’s eye as they pass the stall.

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