Having Pitch fibre drain repairs Devon carried out

Posted by robertwell on June 14th, 2013

Pitch fibre drain repairs Devon are just of one the services that drain specialists will carry out and often a drain survey Devon will be required to establish the exact problem with the drain. Pitch fibre drains were widely used in the 1960’s and 1970’s and they were excellent at the time they were developed. The problem with these drains is that over time they tend to blister or become misshaped which causes problems within the drain. This is when pitch fibre drain repairs Devon will have to be carried out to resolve the problem. Pitch fibre drains can become blocked or they can collapse overtime and if this happens a drain survey Devon may need to be carried out before the drain experts would know that it was a pitch fibre drain. Once this has been established the correct pitch fibre drain repairs Devon can be undertaken.

Often a drain survey Devon will just show that an object of some kind is blocking the drain and this type of problem will usually be resolved with the use of power jets which dislodge the blockage. If the drain survey Devon shows a more a serious problem and pitch fibre drain repairs Devon are required some companies now offer an innovative solution to repair the drain without it having to be dug up. In the past pitch fibre drain repairs Devon would have meant the drain had to be dug up which would be disruptive, time consuming and expensive. This is no longer the case and once a drain survey Devon has been carried out to locate the problem a series of cutters and reforming mandrels can be used to remove blisters and reshape the pipes to circular before the drain is relined to prevent further problems in the future.

As well as pitch fibre drain repairs Devon a drain survey Devon Company will also offer a range of other drain services. These will include drain relining, drain excavation and renewal, drain maintenance, sewage treatment plant and septic tank services, blockage clearance and homebuyer’s drain surveys.

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