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How to Speed-Up Your Websites page load time

Posted by amnas123 on July 28th, 2020

According to a research work 47% of users expect to load the page in two seconds or less and 40% of users will leave the page entirely if more than 3 are needed ... Wondering why?

why speed is so important?

Not only can user impatience not bounce back, but it can also greatly affect conversion rates, as Amazon discovered. A popular article a few years ago showed that Amazon estimated that each additional second it takes to load a page, the company costs $ 1.6 billion in sales each year, now of course this will not be the case for most small companies, but this worked at 7% and not One wants to lose 7% of a potential client, right?

All the facts and figures aside, it's no secret that Google now uses website page load time as a page ranking factor. Despite this fact, many small businesses have no plans to make an improvement, generally because they don't put SEO into action or even outsource.

The bottom line is that if people want information and your website takes a long time to load, they will come back and find you somewhere else.

So how do we fix this?

1. Use Compression

You will need to use Gzip to compress. This reduces the size of the CSS, HTML and JavaScript files. For files like images, use something different to compress them, like Photoshop. By optimizing your code and removing unnecessary characters, you greatly increase the speed of your page.

2. Reduce redirects

If your page redirects to another, then another before your site actually loads, each one will increase its loading time. Redirects should be removed if possible or at least; release.

3. Remove unnecessary plugins

Actually, this can be quite large, and removing plugins and plugins that you don't really need will go a long way. Not only how many extensions does it have, but also the quality. A study I read showed that a website owner with a little bit of research concluded that 86% of their website speed were plugins. It is important to avoid plugins that contain large text and different styles, as these make many requests and generally add additional queries to a page that you don't explicitly need.

The main purpose of the plugin is to help or improve the capabilities of your website, but don't let that remove the points I just discussed. If you are concerned about this particular problem, there are add-ons to discover bottlenecks.

4. Unimproved images

As mentioned above, the unimproved image does not work. Image compression can generally save you at least 5-10% of file size, and if you like some images on your website it will make sure of the difference. There are so many programs that can do it for you, or even websites with just a few clicks, I personally find Photoshop easier. The CSS pattern is a very useful trick if you tend to use the same image multiple times on your pages; Like social icons, for example. Creating an animated pattern combines your photos into one large file to load once, as opposed to multiple images one by one.

5. Cache

There are many plugins that will store and temporarily display the latest version of your page for users, so that the browser does not have to create the page every time. If your website doesn't tend to change frequently, I recommend setting the cache for longer periods, like maybe a year.

After all, most people realize that mobile devices are becoming more frequent. It's been on the rise for quite some time, but it certainly doesn't seem to be on the decline as it has become more popular. Just remember that you need WordPress website speed optimization for this as well, and if your page is having trouble downloading to your desktop, you'll have a harder time on mobile devices.

In conclusion, although I made it clear that most small business tend to ignore such an important factor, it is not a very necessary thing, and giving them something they cannot afford to lose if they go to this top position is a smart thing to do. Make sure you are better than average.

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