Spirituality Information - John Harricharan's Interview With Yanik Silver (Q7)

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Yanik Silver: Yes. That?s great. You know, something else that that I picked up from you John. And I think is really valuable is this feeling of gratitude, I know, that?s the third step in your three step power pause program.

John Harricharan: Yes. Yes.

Yanik Silver: And it never fails no matter how down you might be? How depressed you are? How down you are or if you?re having anxiety and feeling just bunch of pressure coming on and stress. This feeling of gratitude is really magical, I feel like it connects you to your source of where you?re getting either if?If affluence of -- if that?s what it was or whatever it?s coming from whatever is appreciated grows and whatever is not appreciated dies.

John Harricharan: Yeah. It is another one of those great laws of the universe of giving thanks, feeling grateful. Just every day, I think we should sit down not -- you know, I can?t do that meditation thing for 30 minutes or hours or like some of my friends do I just can?t. I get bored. But I can take a minute to say, you know, I?m grateful. And do I have to have anything to be grateful for. Everything if I look in the right side -- the light side of the four so to say.

I am grateful for just being here. Hey, I can walk again; I could see again, I could talk again. I am grateful for being alive. I am grateful to be a part of this universe. But then look at the other stuff take for example, you have one of the most wonderful little guy living with you that?s the fact that you got to look at that and say, you know, this is a fantastic gift look what I've got this life form, who is going to be like a father to me and who is a son to me and who will be a friend to me for life, there is a missy there is your business, there are all the other friends you have, just a minute every once in a while to say you know, thank you?

And I don't think we're thanking any one particularly. I don?t think God sitting across the table for me when I?m having my meals and because I forget to say thank you god for this food that gods saying, you know, I got my feelings hurt, I?m going to get, John because he didn't thank me, god doesn't need me to thank him. I give thanks because it must be our nature to do so, because we need to do that and as you do that you hit upon some of the most important rules and laws of the universe, the power of giving, the power of being grateful, the power of gratitude, by the way I did something called the 12 power principles, of which the power of giving thanks is one and the power of giving of just giving is another. And so when you use gratitude I think it's what, it's the glue that puts all together, you got all the parts and when you say thank you, you let it go. So that the universe what you have just done is delegated the details to the universe.

Yanik Silver: When you know there's two things that you said that I want to comment on. One is that you don't have that 30 minute mystical meditation that goes on and I think a lot of people and I know I have thought about this too and I've heard about meditation, different things and I've just never been able to do it. I haven't probably given enough of a chance to try.

But I've just -- it just doesn't seem like if that's for me. And what you just validated for me is that, you know, you are a very evolved spiritual person and you don't do that. So now it's okay for me, not to feel like I have to do that and hopefully that gives permission to some people listening to us that whatever they are doing is okay.

John Harricharan: It is okay. We are okay. I know there was long ago book written called "I'm okay you're okay we all are okay" and stuff I?m not talking about that okay. This way it fits for me.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: How would it be if, five of us going into a restaurant there is a smoggers board and there are certain things I love and I go for that. But I avoid the tea pods and the salads, because I've been allergic to salad. I?m kidding of course, I never like to eat in leaves, but I understand they are good for you. And you prefer to have cold cuts or some other stuff I can't look at yours and say you know I got to try to eat what, Yanik eats.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: But we do that in life. And I have met some of the more spiritually involved people of this century and the last century and some I have met all over the world and they all have there own ways of doing it. My friend Deepak Chopra he does TM which takes hours for him everyday. Well I can't do that. I use what I call my own method of meditation, which is a minute or a two minute, because we meditate when we walk.

If we were -- you know, what meditating would be :Stop the conversation in your mind and you start meditating right away. So let's not call it meditation. It looks like its complex and it looks like you got to sit cross-legged under on the floor and Om until the cows come home.

Let's not do that, let's say, let me slow down the thoughts I have and let me bring them almost to a place of stillness that is meditation. And if at that point if you have a desire a slight whisper of a desire for more money, better relationship or better health, you just feel it for a few moments as it passes through you and it's done because the universe will pick that up. You have just again delegated the details to the universe and you didn't have to go through all this crazy chanting or meditating and any thing else, because you're entire life is a mediation.

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