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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on June 14th, 2013

There is a strong reason for which the Acuvue contact lenses have gained their popularity over the years, and it stands primarily in their clarity and stability. The Acuvue brand produces a number of various contact lenses types that are adaptable to individual particularities of vision and due to the development in medical technology, demonstrate successful results in the treatment of a wide array of eyesight problems, including the people suffering from astigmatism that until now have been impossible to help by the means of contact lenses.

When you decide to buy contact lenses manufactured by Acuvue, you should at least possess a general understanding of the way in which they work. These contact lenses are made from a silicon hydrogel that allows for a 98% rate of oxygen passing and blocks the UV radiation, in this way preventing your eyes from both drying out and being irritated by the sun. For this reason, the Acuvue contact lenses are also suitable for people suffering from presbyopia, or commonly known as the dry eye syndrome, keeping the eyes permanently most and the lenses comfortable to wear by the means of the HydraClear Plus technology. The lenses are specifically designed for daily use and disposal, being a great option for those trying to avoid the lens cleaning and disinfection hassle.

The classification of lenses according to their predicted lifespan is probably the most common one you are going to encounter following your decision to buy contact lenses. In the case of daily lenses, there’s no need for a disinfecting chemical solution or storage case, and children as well as people performing intense physical activities are the usual customers for this type. The monthly daily lenses require a much greater attention and are suitable for people that intent to wear them daily, or are suffering from an eye condition that would entail an enormous expense if the disposable contact lenses would be purchased until the problem is redressed.

If you are wondering just how exactly Acuvue contact lenses are made and what makes them work, then you are taking possibly the single most important step before going to buy contact lenses. These lenses are made from a hydrophilic disc that is floating on you eye’s cornea, directing the light towards your retina. The most common eyesight conditions for which the contact lenses are currently employed consist mainly from the non-refractive eye disorders, some of these including dry eyes, erosion and corneal ulcer, their treatment undergoing a continuous process of improvement throughout the years.

The contemporary technological inventions have allowed for the newly manufactured contact lenses to be highly adaptable to individual needs, as opposed to the same lenses produces in the past years. These lenses are able to heal specific eye disorders different from the common eyesight impairment for which contact lenses have been used until now. However, being highly advanced medical equipment, in the case in which you require their use, you should seek a detailed consultation that can clarify all aspects relating to their advantages and drawbacks.

If you have decided to buy contact lenses, then the advantages that the Acuvue contact lenses possess in improving your eyesight should really draw your attention.

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