Dubai Gradually Eases Lockdown But Is Your Own Business Ready?

Posted by lizseyi on July 29th, 2020

With the United Arab Emirates (UAE) having recorded more than 12,000 coronavirus infections at the time of typing, and 105 people dying since the commencement of the outbreak, it is fair to say that the country has experienced a significant hit from COVID-19.

However, the population’s compliance with the authorities’ restrictions so far has also arguably helped to prevent countless further infections and save many lives.

Now, some of those restrictions have even begun to be lifted in Dubai, with shopping malls, markets and commercial outlets being permitted to reopen.

There is, however, likely to be a ‘new normal’ for the UAE’s government, businesses and individuals alike for some time to come, probably including continued social distancing.

With that in mind, it’s a good moment to ask yourself whether you’re doing everything you can to minimise any spread of the virus on your own business premises, including through stringent hygiene practices.

Cleaning services in Dubai that you can depend on

We may have many specialities here at Renovo – indeed, we have been providing the benefits of such areas of expertise as carpentry, electrical work, painting, plumbing and masonry for many years – but there is a particular and understandable demand for cleaning services at the moment.

However, many providers of cleaning services in Dubai really do merely clean surfaces and workspaces, and may not also thoroughly disinfect such key areas of business buildings.

This is an important distinction, given that at this time of heightened concern, you won’t want germs, dirt and impurities on surfaces to be merely removed or shifted elsewhere, but actually eradicated from your business site altogether.

Thankfully, the Renovo team has an excellent reputation for such fastidiousness among those who place their trust in us for cleaning services in Dubai.

We are highly experienced in cleaning and disinfecting offices, industrial environments and other corporate settings, undertaking the deep cleaning necessary to maximise the safety of every user of a given space.

Contact us now to discuss your specific needs

It’s impossible right now to say exactly when all aspects of the Dubai economy – including tourism from elsewhere in the UAE and overseas – will be restored to the same levels as before the coronavirus crisis. However, it is precisely because of this that your firm must be prepared!

Get in touch with the Renovo team now, by calling +971 – (0)4 442 2986 or emailing, to outline what your own business requires and expects from cleaning services in Dubai.

When you do, we’ll explain how we can serve those needs to the highest standards and at a competitive price, while doing everything possible to protect the health and wellbeing of your staff.

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