How 22Cans' Curiosity helped shape Godus

Posted by c280668993 on June 16th, 2013

Peter Molyneux's studio 22Cans released Curiosity: What's Inside cheap led lighting The Cube as an experiment to gather information that could be used in the development of its upcoming god game for touch devices, Godus.

Speaking to Polygon, Molyneux said the reason the studio made Curiosity was so it could understand how consumers use touch devices like the iPad and smartphones, when they use these devices and what they use them for. Part of the rationale was to look at people's "play profile" and allow the ways people interact with the devices to dictate the kind of games the studio makes.

"It turns out that some people interact with the device as a way to relax — it's a way to calm themselves, and you see it from the profile of the way they play, " Molyneux said. "They'll play first thing in the morning while they're having a cup of coffee, they'll play last thing at night to wind down and relax, and that led me to believe that a lot of console gaming is about adrenaline — it's all about a more dramatic way to pump up our adrenaline — whereas tablet devices are more about relaxation and taking the time and fitting it around your life.

"It's easy for me to guess that people like relaxation, but was there a way I could measure it? So what we did was some very simple analytics [with Curiosity]. "

According to Molyneux, 22Cans measured how often and how quickly people tapped the screen versus the time of day they tapped in their local timezone. The studio found that certain people would go on Curiosity to tap as many cubes as possible during the tiny slices of free time they had during the day, such as in between meetings and lunch breaks, while another group of people who played in the morning and at night for relaxation purposes approached the game thoughtfully and tapped at individual blocks slowly.

"That inspired us to have confidence in our core gameplay mechanic in Godus, " he said.
source: polygon

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