Why and How To Do CRT Glass Recycling

Posted by computerrecycle50 on June 18th, 2013

Electronic devices make our life easier and faster, but recent studies have revealed that they are the major contributors of environmental pollution too. Electrical gadgets are made up of a wide range of materials, including cadmium, fire retardants, plastics, brominates, lead etc., all of which are known to cause harm to the environment. The cathode ray tube or CRT alone in your computer monitor or TV contains led, cadmium and mercury, all of which are toxic for human and plant health, as well as for the atmosphere. That is why, CRTs are now banned to be thrown in landfills. There are specific procedures of CRT glass recycling, which are important to dispose off unusable tubes properly.

Apart from causing harm to your health and to the environment, throwing CRTs in landfills can also call unwanted legal prosecution on your part. According to most state laws, you are required to recycle your house and office electronics before you dump them off in garbage. There are specialized CRT glass recycling companies who come to your house to collect your CRTs and recycle them to make them safe for the environment. While recycling your CRT, the monitor or TV is taken apart completely, and the components are sorted into glass, metals and plastics. Different materials are separated in different boxes, and sent out to the professionals where they are melted and reused to make new products or devices.

CRT glass recycling is a complex task, as they are bigger in size than modern flat styled screens. But because they are cheap, they are still being manufactured, and recycling them continued to be a big pain for recyclers. There are special equipments required for disposing off these types of monitors and screens. Of course, separating plastic, metal and glass from the screen is difficult. Glass in CRT also contains led added in order to protect you from cancer caused due to emitted radiation. Separating led from glass is an extremely complicated task, and is done with the help of special processes carried out with special equipments.

CRT glass recycling has become a serious matter now-a-days, probably due to increasing environmental pollution and failure. An increasing number of people are growing environment conscious these days, and most of them now prefer to buy flat screens only. But some people still have CRT based monitors in their home or office, and when they come to an end, disposing them requires professional help.

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