Uses of Different plant grow lights in Hydroponics

Posted by juliabennet on June 18th, 2013

Every hydroponics grower who uses soil-less methods for growing would know who important plant grow lights are. Sunlight is considered as the best lighting solution for plant growth, but it is not available everywhere and always. Hence, most of the hydroponics growers would use a combination of artificial lighting and sunlight, or just artificial lighting systems. If you are seeking the perfect grow light systems, the following information on ushio systems would help you.

New plant grow lights improve plant growth by emitting light in the spectrum that helps in the process of photosynthesis. The perfect system generates the right spectrum for each growth phase for a plant. The use of grow lights in hydroponics helps in producing larger fruits and vegetables with better flavor as compared to those grown with traditional methods. The next advantage of these lights is that they help in growing any fruits or vegetables round the year. The location and season doesn’t have an affect on the plants.

The biggest benefit of using ushio grow lights is the cost savings that it would provide. Hydroponics is highly cost-efficient and it is going to save you significant amount of time. Additionally, plant grow lights enable you to grow organic fruits and vegetables free from herbicides and pesticides. This form of growing is increasingly being propagated because of its positive benefits on health.

There are several other types of plant grow lights available on the market. Metal halide or MH lights and high pressure sodium or HPS lights are the more commonly used lights in growing plants. The HPS bulbs and lamps are more compact and help in growing more nutrient-rich plants and produce. They are highly valued for their higher efficiency and quality in plant growth.

The ushio HPS lights emit white light in the red and orange spectrum. This light helps in improving the reproductive process in plants. They help in stimulating outdoor autumn light, which helps plants in producing better harvests – higher quality vegetables, fruits and flowers. Indoor gardeners use this lighting for the flowering and fruiting phase in plant life. When it is used through the life cycle of plants, it could help them stretch and have more space between the branches.

Then, there are metal halide plant grow lights that offer higher light output as compared to their size. This means they are more powerful and efficient, but the only limitation is that they need to be kept inside special fixtures because of their higher intensity. Metal halide lighting gives intense, blue-white lighting that helps plants make healthy and energetic growth. It helps in growing strong and thick plants, with highly dense foliage.

Metal halide grow light from ushio has come to become a highly popular option for hydroponics and indoor gardeners. There are specially designed MH lights that offer improved red spectrum, which is required by plants during the fruiting phase. Before making a purchase, make sure that the MH bulbs you choose are designed specifically for the application you need them for.

There are different types of grow lights from ushio designed for specific plant growth phases. Make sure to check this link to explore all types of plant grow lights that could help with different phases.

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