Advantages of Using hygrozyme in Hydroponics

Posted by AmandaTom on June 19th, 2013

In hydroponics, it is extremely important to keep the grow medium clean so as to get the best results. Using the enzyme-based hygrozyme, it is possible to break down the previous root mass for allowing and stimulating new growth. There are many advantages of using this product. Then, you would also require azomite that is a universally accepted feed additive required for re-mineralizing the medium for plants.

The product hygrozyme is created free from bacteria, which means that it has an extremely long shelf life. This eliminates the risk that you could introduce bacteria into the system. It is organic in nature and recommended by experts. It is considered that it is one of the biggest breakthroughs in horticulture in the last few years. it is created using  a unique bio-fermentation process containing only natural ingredients having a complex chain of amino acids and bacteria-free enzymes.

When using hygrozyme, there is no need for creating any risks to the crop through the introduction of foreign germ culture to a sterile growth environment. It offers much more than all the other enzyme based products available on the market. However, all these benefits come with the additional advantage of almost unlimited shelf life.

Another essential required in hydroponics and horticulture is in the form of azomite. It is a globally used feed additive that helps in re-mineralizing the soils or other grow medium. These trace minerals are tested for helping improve the root systems, plant potency and yields in different types of garden vegetables and field crops. It is available for a wide range of applications and could be used for re-mineralizing medium depleted of nutrients. It is also OMRI Listed for organic use.

One important feature of azomite is that it is available as fine powder and easily coats seeds. This is helpful in best possible germination and growth in the initial stages. It is the perfect addition for compost, crops and potting soil. When the soil or medium has extreme pH levels, there is a high chance that the trace elements are not available for plants. 

The use of azomite throughout the world stands testimony for its effectiveness sin producing positive results. Although, it has a pH level of 8.0, it doesn't increase the pH of the medium after addition. It is processed to form fine powder that has a configuration of minus 200 mesh. This makes it easily accessible for plants. It is best applied with in mixing with compost or with hands. However, it is also available in other foams, including the slow-release form that is coarser. Then, there is the granulated form that can be applied directly to the soil.

The use of azomite has been tested positively on several plants species. This includes everything ranging from wine grapes to rice to papaya to tobacco and hundreds of other plants. It can be used for nourishing almost all plant life because it the trace elements that is often absent in native soil. When it comes to finding the perfect enzyme based products or trace elements, it would be ideal to search online.

The use of hygrozyme and trace elements can dramatically affect the growth and overall health of your plants. Make sure to check this link to find the best quality enzyme-based products and azomite.

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