Benefits of Using hortilux Lighting

Posted by AmandaTom on June 19th, 2013

High Pressure Sodium lamps or HPS from hortilux have come to become an important part of the horticultural industry. They have been traditionally used extensively for a number or other applications such as in street lights, parking lots and for additional greenhouse lighting. The main benefit associated with these lamps is that they help in improving the flowering and fruiting process in plants. When used in combination with sophisticated and more efficient lighting an reflecting system like e-papillon 1000w, the benefits are manifold.

The hortilux HPS systems produce red and orange spectral lights, which are required by plants for the process of reproduction. This further results in producing larger harvests comprising of high quality flowers and fruits. One of the main benefits of these lamps is that they have extremely long bulb life. Another benefit is that they have unmatched efficiency, which means 6 times more light emission per wattage of energy required as compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs.

In addition to the higher efficiency of hortilux lamps, there is another advantage to them. Greenhouse plants get all the required blue light from the sun, but these HPS lamps provide the additional greenhouse lights. Indoor growers also practice using metal halide lamps for keeping plants compact during growth period and switching to HPS systems during flowering and fruiting phase. This helps in increasing quality and yield of fruits.

Combination of HPS and Metal Halide lamps are also used in the same e-papillon 1000w reflector with single integrated electronic ballast or dual separate ballast systems. According to experts, the combination of orange/red HPS and blue MH lights helps in creating the perfect spectral mixture needed for higher output.

There are switch-able, convertible and dual-way lamps that could be configured for burning either HPS or MH bulbs in the same e-papillon 1000w fixture, but at different times. Such fixtures are perfect for spreading and growing plants under MH lights before switching to HPS lights for the flowering and fruiting phase. Usually, all you have to do is to keep changing between the two systems is to use a switch.

There are LED lamp systems from hortilux, which have been developed after years of research.  The LED plant grow lights are currently in the early stages of development, but there are certain benefits of using these lamps. They consume much smaller amount of power, release extremely low heat and have longer lamp life. Their light spectrum provided by these lamps is perfect for the photosynthesis process. 

It is expected that LED lighting has great potential in the future. However, currently the technology has certain drawbacks. This includes reduced color rendering, relatively higher initial cost and restricted depth penetration. The new e-papillon 1000w fixture is at the top of the technology currently available in the industry. It is ideally designed for delivering higher amount of light while consuming lesser amount of energy. This reflector could be extracted easily, which makes it easier to clean. Whether you are looking for the right hortilux lamps or reflector, there are many benefits of searching online.

There are many benefits of using hortilux lamps for horticultural needs. Visit the website given here to explore the different types of lamps and e-papillon 1000w fixtures available.

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