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Posted by jobma12 on June 20th, 2013

Video resume has now become the buzzword for job search in the current time. So, what is video resume? Well, video resume is a short video of 30 or 60 seconds that are created by job seekers to describe about their academics and work history. It is the recent innovative change in the job search industry. Now, job providers are more interested in knowing the presentation skills of job seekers through video resumes apart from textual resumes. Employers also have more flexibility in handling the queue of jobseekers by pruning the below standard candidates directly though video resumes without the need of interviewing a lot from the herd. This not only saves costs of hiring but also provides the best person that meets all the job requirements criteria to be hired.

Now, what should you do if you are a job seeker and need more information about video resume? You should read the following instruction that will help you in making your own video resume.

First, you should search for video resume website that provides video resume feature in their job portal.
Second, you need to register in their job portal by filling in the registration form to create your account.
Third, you need to view sample video resume and follow video resume tips before creating your own video resume. Video resume isn’t going to get you a job, but will assist you in marketing yourself to the prospective employers. If you create a poor video resume it will hinder your chances to get an interview.
Fourth, upload your video resume to the job portal. A well created video resume will bolster your candidacy for employment.

When you upload video resume in a job portal make sure that it meets all the criteria of the job website. If your uploaded video resume is of low quality or are not properly created it will have negative impact on the employers, though you may be the most deserving candidate for the job, but you lag in presentation and marketing skills and will not be called for the interview. You need to sell yourself in the job market and video resume acts as a pitch for your skills apart from your qualification.

For video resume tips visit Jobma. All your search needs will be satisfied from this video resume website. Jobma is the pioneer in the field of video resume. You can use Jobma resources to make video resume and upload video resume. The site will provide you with blogs that are worth reading and will help you in your job search. The blogs are well written that meets the need of the job seekers and provide essential tips, dos and don’ts that will help you in your job search.

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