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Posted by glammpoptips on July 30th, 2020

The Fashion Industry Has a Plus-Size Problem. These Women Want to Fix It

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

It is advice we all heard at some point throughout our career. In fact, I am sure I have written it on magazine pages at least once in the next decade working in fashion. The thinking is this: If you want your superiors to see you as someone who can take on more power, you must act this way. Part of this presentation is how to introduce yourself.

For Plus Size Models, it is a good advice. I still remember the clothes I was using to get every job in my "one million girls who would be killed." Kate Spade Flare Dress with Light Blue Pumps (It was 2013 and for a cheeky teen magazine). Black sheath equipped with a tweed jacket and pointed Loutoutins. Too late, it was easy to buy those interviews. Sure, it was stressed and wanted to look perfect, but it wasn't a quick trip to Barneys after the business couldn't fix it.

Then earlier this year I found myself in a place in my career where I was willing to acquire more property. I was just 30 years old, got my own video series, already managed a growing number of responsibilities, and recently got £ 60.

This last part is important, because when I started looking for guidance for my mentor, suddenly the same advice I was holding while climbing the ladder dropped me on my ass (now size 14). Someone told me to work on my "presentation", while another told me that I should "wear better clothes." Admittedly, I was wearing a lot of blouses and oversized jeans because my investments in "dressing for the job they wanted" ($ 500 in printed flowers, exotic dresses and silk buttons) were now gathering dust in my wardrobe, waiting for my weight to return to the yo-yo until Size 10 so I can stretch them again.

As someone who worked tirelessly to prove myself in an industry where I felt so much I needed to be better (better spoken, better dressed, better invented), this was a huge blow not only to my ambition, but to what I felt for my body. Even as Glamor has been committed to including size over the years, I am just one of two plus-sized people in staff and often the only one with curves in high shots and meetings. level.

How can I tell these women that I can't wear clothes as a director because all the beauty managers I know of were wearing brands like Dôen and Sleeper, which stopped 10 or 12 tiny? Do I really need to lose weight to improve my work?

Of course not, but here is the problem: For women over 12, there is an invisible job that goes into making fashion that the fashion world considers elegant. We can't go to a department store or Zara and shop on the shelf. We search for parts online, spend additional shipping money, and study measures carefully to find things that our colleagues can easily buy, or that are shipped free as brand gifts. It's easy to be fashionable when you are skinny.

At first I felt frustrated and then got angry. After leading the Lindsey People Wagner pioneering report "What Really Be Black and Work in Fashion" for The Cut, which spurred a thoughtful and accurate conversation about the pains of racism and prejudice in all aspects of the industry. Fashion, I've got to talk to dozens of other people who also work in size and fashion.

Ultimately, I found brands that look and feel great, a lot based on the recommendation of dozens of people I spoke to, but what I went for was a network of women ready to design what Rihanna did for the beauty industry. Revolutionize it.

I listened because some editors, writers, photographers, influencers, models, and designers told me that I'm not alone. Models share their frustration with the lack of work inside and outside the runway, not to mention the terrible things and terrible eating that stylists have told them. Editors and influencers share stories of confusion by helping out with Fashion Week. The consultants discussed how brands would employ them for their plus-size marketing experience and then decided to go in a "different direction" (read "Same Tired Stereotypes Plus Women Are Tired," more on those below).

Plus Size Models women make up 68% of shoppers, but for each of these people below, we are often only a small percentage of people in our fashion store. Most decision makers are still straight in size. But the change is in sight. As writer Nicolette Mason wrote on the cover of September on the new Supers theme: "Inclusion is the future of fashion. You can go on board or fade with it."

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