Brochure Design - Tips to Improve Its Quality

Posted by Pixelo on June 21st, 2013

Brochure design helps augment the process of promotion which in turn increases sales. Whatever the purpose may be, the main aim will always be to attract the target audience or influence the target customers. Marketing activities certainly demand a handsome amount of investment; hence, they should always be properly planned and worked upon in a systematic manner.

Creating a brochure will take a few hours; however, it takes a good amount of time to evaluate different aspects that will influence the target customers and then the outline of a brochure design is finalized. A good amount of observation and extensive study is required to gain a good outcome. There are a number of things that one needs to consider during brochure designing. The following will help you improve the quality of your brochure design.


Paper used for brochure should be of good quality. If your budget is low, then you can eliminate some of the additional features, but you should compromise on the quality of its paper.

People make use of their eyes first, to determine the quality of a brochure and then the sense of touch to feel its quality. This is basically related to the quality of paper. Your impression will certainly turn bad if the quality of the material is not up to the mark.

Every single phase in creating a brochure is vital. Right from designing till printing, every single aspect will be scrutinized by the audiences.


Images certainly help to add value to the content of the brochure. They also add the element of attractiveness in the brochure. Big sized images help draw more attention than the smaller ones. Sometimes it may so happen that the images are so huge that they demand a good amount of space even two pages of the brochure design; thus, the image comes into the folding area of the brochure. This particularly must be avoided as it spoils the effect of the image.


The most important factor behind any promotional activity is its budget. A well determined helps to carry out the task with effectiveness and efficiency.


It is not wise to use jargons in your brochures. Jargons are special terms related to a special profession or activity. Your target audience may not know these terms; hence, they'll fail to understand what the brochure is trying to explain. If it is important to use jargons then help the audience with a brief meaning of such terminologies. This will help you enrich the content even further.

A sound and compelling brochure will certainly help you increase your sales by attracting your target customers.

About the Author:
Aengus Ryan is the creative Director at Pixelo, an animated explainer video production company which was founded in mid 2010. Based on Sydney’s scenic North Shore, Pixelo specialises in branding and has helped many small – medium sized companies develop strong branding and public recognition. With experience gathered in Europe and Australia, Aengus can provide you with advice regarding your company’s branding options and is always available via email or for a chat.

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