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Posted by RaynaJess on June 21st, 2013

 Shopping for your wedding dresses can be overwhelming.  This is the same feeling that your mom gets when she starts looking for her mother of the bride dress. There is the concern that you may not be able to find the perfect wedding gown for you. Many brides-to-be pick out their special occasion dresses and find out later that they do not like what they bought. This is a buyer’s remorse and this is a concern that you can avoid by following these tips.

If you are choosing the wedding dresses style, make sure that it reflects your personality.  It should complement your figure and show your sense of style.  Also, your wedding’s overall setting will affect the style that you will pick. There should be harmony in everything about your wedding, from the wedding venue to the wedding attire of all the main people in the wedding, including the mother of the bride dress.  Everything should work together to fit in with your overall wedding theme.

There are styles of wedding dresses that are best suited for specific wedding settings, so it is advisable that you know about the setting before picking up your bridal gown. You can make consultations with knowledgeable family members or friends, so that you learn how to pick the perfect wedding gown that fits your theme, the season that you will wear it and also the time of day. Consider also the fabric quality and the construction of the gown. As in design, these are very important factors that will help you get the best of what you can buy with your money.

The perfect wedding dresses should work well with your body shape, in the same way the mother of the bride dress should fit your mom well.  As your mom, she will have many special moments on your wedding day, from the matrimonial ceremony, through the reception.  All eyes will be mainly on the two of you from the time you enter the reception venue and don’t forget to consider all those pictures!  Your mom may not have shopped for such an important dress in the past too many times, once maybe for her wedding and next for your communion and your siblings that is in case you got siblings. In such a scenario your mom may need your help to select mother of the bride dress.

There should be ample communication between you and your mom, especially regarding the wedding plans.  Speak to each other about anything that concerns your wedding preparations. When she starts shopping for her own special occasion dress, you might want to go with her, if she’s physically going to the boutiques, or help her in her research if she intends to buy online. Help her find her hue and decide on the color of the dress that she needs to wear. It is your day, after all, but do not forget that your mom is also an important personality on that day.  Remember that these are small things that will enhance the bond between you and your mom. So don’t lag behind, go ahead and lend your mom a helping hand!

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