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Posted by AmandaTom on June 23rd, 2013

 If you’re an Australian resident interested in adventure holidays, you should investigate the different types of Myanmar holidays available, and see if any work for your tastes and for your budget at the same time. Don’t get stuck in a vacation rut, where you visit the same holiday destination year-in and year-out, to the point where you know the place like the back of your hand, and all holiday magic and wonder is lost to familiarity and routine. Better still, challenge yourself and expand your horizons every chance you get. Choose to take unique Myanmar holidays to fill you with a sense of wonder, culture and peacefulness. Keep reading to find out more about Myanmar holidays, and to see why it’s better to use travel price comparison websites offered by reliable travel companies like Specific Ocean to find and book your next holiday.

Taking a holiday trip to Myanmar will give you an exotic, adventurous and visually breathtaking experience. Still, most modern world travelers—especially those on the younger side—profess their surprise in finding out that Myanmar only started to expand its tourism industry in as late as 1992. Myanmar has been ruled by a military regime since 1967, and as a result its borders remained largely closed and inaccessible to tourists until a little over ten years ago. The military regime has been steadily passing some control over to the local Government, and the rise to power of more liberal-minded individuals has reopened Myanmar to the world, and has put it back on the top exotic holiday destination spots.

Seeing as how Myanmar’s tourism industry is relatively young and fresh, you won’t find rows upon rows of luxury resorts lining all of its beaches, like you do in popular Western holiday destinations. You can still find luxury accommodation, of course, if that’s what you’re looking for in your Myanmar holidays, but you will find a largely traditional country, with a culture rich in historical significance. The people are known to be friendly and welcoming, but you have to keep in mind the fact that there are laws prohibiting locals to partake in unnecessary contact with foreigners, and that offenses are punishable by jail time, so make sure not to get anyone in trouble. A large part of the country is still off-limits to tourists, so if you’re thinking about going on an adventure holiday you definitely need to hire a local guide for assistance in dealing with the locals, and even with government representatives.

The best way to find the best and cheapest flights to Myanmar is by using price comparison websites offered by a professional travel group like Specific Ocean. Any reputable online travel center like Specific Ocean should help you view and choose from offers from all the big air travel brands, like Flight Network, Trip Advisor, Expedia and Hotwire. A reliable online travel center like Specific Ocean will also help you take advantage of affordable package deals, combining deals for flights, accommodation, and even car rentals.

Find out why it’s better to use travel price comparison websites offered by a reliable travel group like Specific Ocean to plan your upcoming Myanmar holidays to get the most options and be able to choose the most affordable vacation package deal available on the market.

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