Castle of Illusion brings Mickey Mouse into HD

Posted by aisiy on June 24th, 2013

Quick history lesson: Before Sega struck attitudinal gold with Sonic, buy Archeage Gold the company spent years searching for just the right mascot for its Genesis/Mega Drive system. As part of that search, Sega struck a partnership with Disney that resulted in Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. It’s fondly remembered by Disney and Sega fans alike, and now those fans (along with a whole new generation) will get to experience the game in an HD remake that’s far more than some shiny, cleaned up sprites.

The entire world has been redone in a 2. 5D style reminiscent of retro-style sidescrollers Sonic 4 or New Super Mario Bros. Mickey is exploring the dangerous toy box world of Castle of Illusion, though nothing looks too threatening, outside of weird Jackinthebox that was teased as the stage’s boss. The platforming controls felt the same as we remember from our youth, but it seemed a little too easy for Mickey to take damage. Hopefully Sega is still adjusting that.

Outside of the unscaled graphics was the addition of new 3d platforming sections. Our demo featured a three dimensional hub world that lead Mickey to his stage, along with a 3D interlude with a simple disappearing platform stage. It’s an intriguing way to keep the title up-to-date, but will the new content be able to keep up with the classic stages that benefit from the glow of nostalgia.
source: gamesradar

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