A closer look at cloud services: hosted e-mail and hosted SharePoint application

Posted by GiulyRotarry on June 24th, 2013

Cloud-based platforms and services are slowly taking over the international business world. While only ten years ago, cloud services consisted only of early and rough versions of hosted remote desktop systems, with limitations on features and usability, now any business owner can choose to mix and match a full range of cloud-based services to help take his company into the future. Many businesses actually are starting to choose full-range, integrated cloud services package solutions, which include Hosted Email and Hosted SharePoint services to manage their internal workings. Keep reading to find out more about how your online or land-based business could benefit from using Hosted Email and Hosted SharePoint services.

Downtime is ranked on top of online entrepreneurs’ list of concerns, because it implies that the company is shut off from the world, except for phones – which, in situations like these, usually ring off the hook with complaints and inquiries alike. However, downtime should really be listed second in this top of concerns, whereas lack of communication should rank first—though, in real life, it’s often last to be considered or addressed. When a company experiences a severe and deep-seated lack of communication it means that its employees are shut off from each other, so they cannot work together as efficiently as they would if they communicated and shared more. While in the past, this could have been seen as a woman’s way of doing business, the popularization of cloud services such as Hosted Email and Hosted SharePoint shows how important it is that company employees communicate in order to cooperate.

Daily work in medium-to-large sized companies creates a lot of documentation and bureaucracy—transnational corporations operate on a different level altogether, when it comes to the level of organization(or disorganization, as the case may be). Working with physical databases is outdated, but even working on a network of computers, or desktop PCs, has it’s disadvantages. It’s still each person’s job to look after their own documentation, and organize it along with their activities, and it’s a known fact that not everyone does their due diligence in this area. Contacts can be lost or misplaced, files can get deleted accidentally, and systems can— and usually do— break down, so daily business management is often chaotic and rushed. Employees are often forced to react to what’s happening, instead of working to preempt or prevent certain situations.

Contracting a Hosted SharePoint service will synchronize all your business’ internal workings. It will give you a cloud-based platform to manage all your documents, files, data and contacts along your entire business organization. This means you’ll be rid of hardware and software costs, as well as the tasks of installing and managing said hardware and software.  When using a Hosted SharePoint service, you get full access and can control security clearances, and you can even add accounts for your customers.

To complete your communication prerequisites, you can contract a Hosted Email service. This means, once again, you’ll rid yourself of installation, maintenance and management of the email server, so you can help conserve your budget. You don’t need e-mail software when using a Hosted Email solution, but you can still integrate it if you’re partial to a particular email application.

Your land-based or online business stands to gain many advantages if you decide to contract Hosted Email and Hosted SharePoint services, to run your operation more effectively and efficiently.

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