Kanekalon extensions allow you to obtain long hair in a matter of minutes

Posted by GiulyRotarry on June 25th, 2013

Whoever says long hair is no longer in style is wrong. Even if medium and short haircuts or the fancy bob style haircuts are in fashion, long hair remains the foremost representative of femininity, playing the lead role when it comes to sexy and exciting looks. The longer the hair is, the better the hair style gets. But what do you do when it grows quite slowly and you must wait for years for it to achieve the desired length? There is nothing easier. Hair length and volume can be adjusted by a modern method now: hair extensions. The process of hair extensions caused a complete revolution in the field of professional hairdressing. This simple system of adding or giving hair the right volume spread worldwide. Did you ever imagine you could have a wonderful long hair in less than 2 hours? Kanekalon extensions and jumbo braid extensions are the answer to your problem.

Your hair style is everything: it is your image. Whenever you want to change and improve your style you should think carefully about this. If you have thin or short hair, there is nothing better to do than to turn to hair extensions technique and this way you will solve this problem quickly and efficiently! A beautiful hair helps achieve a beautiful look of your face. Hair extensions are the most professional solutions to have a modern style like big, international stars.

Colour effects, brilliance, two shades of colours are just some of the thousands of combinations that you can create using a variety of kanekalon hair extensions. There are shades of warm, classic, natural colours, as well as cold colour tones. All this is possible without damaging your hair with harsh chemicals.

The technique of applying strands of hair extensions has been popular for a long time. It is represented by a simple band of stripes which is applied on the head with a special needle and thread. This is a semi-permanent technique, it is important that the hair should not get entangled or lose colour. Special sewing machines are used to make the locks keep their durability after being applied and being fixed with special harmless glue. Each hair band weighs 100 grams and has a thickness of about 1mm. They are available in straight and curly natural hair, in various colours and sizes.

Long hair is the best way to have a new look very quickly. Achieving a new hairstyle and an attractive colour effect is so easy even for a single day. The process consists of applying a band of kanekalon stripes with clips. In a few minutes the result is the complete extension: it can be applied and removed offering you the freedom to decide at the last minute.

Choose kanekalon extensions and jumbo braid extensions for a stylish, amazing new look. Everyone will admire your hair, and, unless it is pink, orange or any other strange colour, they won’t even know it is not really your own hair.

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