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These 2 asanas will be regularized, so belly and waist fat will be reduced

Posted by krantiyoga on August 1st, 2020

Yogasana is one of the measures to reduce stomach. With the regular practice of Yoga for Belly Fat, within two-three months the fat of the screw will start to decrease.

Growing belly is troubled by fat and wants your body to look attractive as before, then you can take help of yoga. With some yoga exercises, you can easily reduce Yoga for Belly Fat. Yogasana is one of the measures to reduce stomach.

Reduce belly fat with Sethubandh Yogasan

By doing this asana, it helps to reduce the fat stored near the stomach and waist. Also, the muscles of the stomach and thighs are strong. If you feel any kind of pain or strain in your neck, then doing this asana will also cure it. Not only this, if your spine is bent on one side due to sitting incorrectly, then this posture also corrects it.

Lie on your back. Bend both knees and lower the soles of the feet to the ground. Now keep both arms straight towards the feet and keep the palms on the ground. Now while exhaling, raise the waist upward, while keeping the feet and hands in the same position. Stay in this state for about 30 seconds. Now slowly return to normal posture.

Who shouldn't

People who suffer from high blood pressure should avoid doing this asana.

Reduce belly fat from naukasana

If you want to reduce frozen fat in the waist and abdomen, then practice Naukasana regularly. By doing this, the small intestine, large intestine and digestive system are also better.

Lie on your back. Join your ankles and toes together. Both hands are adjacent to the waist and the palms are towards the ground. Now raise both your legs, arms and neck parallel upwards, so that the full weight of the body falls on your buttocks. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds. Then breathe slowly and come back to normal.

Who shouldn't

People who have back pain or any serious stomach disease should not practice this asana. Women should not do it even during pregnancy.

Nowadays yoga has become very important, yoga is not just for reducing fat but also a course in yoga is available, there are many best yoga schools which offer such courses.
If you are also interested in yoga course then you can also join yoga school and can do yoga teacher training courses  from school . Schools offer you different yoga teacher training courses  , in which you can also make your career.

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