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We play and play editors, test and test. But some apps will not be easy access. As with Clash Of Clans - buy gems clash of clans. The test can be checked in "Failed". A drama in four acts.


Each week we try AppTalk of 30 to 40 apps. Some are really good, some bad, many somewhere in secured midfield. And then there are those apps which we find anything. They are like those books that you start to read ten times - and is back on the shelf after three chapters again. An app that has made us really hard, Clash of clans. Ten days was trying to find the fun and interest. Without positive result.

The places: a white desk. A red sofa.

The implement: an iPad. White.

The app: Clash of clans.

ACT I. Day 1

Location: The white desk.
Time 15 clock.

"Have you ever played Clash of clans," asks the colleague. Negation. We note: A free app that is one of the best-selling games in the App Store, has so far played no one we know. So: Downloaded. Opened.

We are greeted by a young woman with a very round head, it points us in the game, by the way while very small people running over the green-covered field. With pointed caps. Something to do with fighting. Something with an elixir. Something with green goblins. "I'll make some coffee," said the colleague. Nod. Game closed.

Location: The red sofa.
Time: 21 clock.

The cat purrs, the iPad is on your lap. Clash of Clans opened, maybe afternoon today was just not the right time for the game. The app runs after all the "strategy". One does not simply passing. So you have to clean Peeve as a user, think, be there. Fully assume the role of clan chiefs. Something to do with fighting. Something "build camp" with. Invite Something with Facebook friends. Heaven help! As if we would agree to play such games. As if we would want anyone bothering with these embarrassing questions! iPad.

Act II Day 2

Location: The white desk.
Time: 8.30 clock.

It's quiet in the office, the coffee still chuckles from the work done so precisely. "But now," it resonates in the room. Clash of Clans opened. We must train our troops, shows us the woman. In addition, the Town Hall will be greater. And again there are goblins. Somewhere down in "Fight". Somehow won. "Aha," thought. Looked into the mail box. Dear cleaned out the spam folder - buy coc gems

Location: The white desk.
Time 17 clock.

A cry for help appears on the display. "Boss, we need you," is there. Obviously there is a massive problem in Clash of clans in the place that apparently has chosen us as a leader. Clicked. Nothing has changed. Somehow fought. Somehow lost. The little men with the grim expression to be ghosts. "Aha," thought. Musing about dinner.

Location: The red sofa.
Time: 22 clock.

"But really," should be the motto of the evening. The mobile phone is issued, folded the laptop - nothing should distract from the plan in the slightest to now, discover special about the game, the idea is not really new. It is not a good sign when you have to prepare yourself as a player to play a game. Actually, it should be the opposite: a small addiction feeling should be set for a good game. You have to force yourself to set it aside. With Clash of clans, there was this feeling at any time. But this is a job. A tough. Since you are not simple. Where: It's getting late. And other clans we do not want to know too. And anyway: Why everyone says in the chat bar on the left side, he had the best clan? Who are these people?

Third act Day 3

Location: The white desk.
Time 9 clock.

Oh! There is a snowman App? The same time building the snowmen all day.

Fourth act Day 10

Location: The white desk.
Time 13 clock.

Meanwhile, the wife has already called several times for help. The village is in spite of noninterference still continue to run small Gnome (the subjects!) With pointed caps on the pitch. And still we ask ourselves what is now the point of the game? What is the goal? And why is the app sales so strong? Checked, found: Sometime can be against all the enemies that we have probably have overlooked to the extent that gain only with in-app purchases - app gold gems. This is totally fun free anyway. Game closed. Something with Delete. Something with Confirm. Rest.


The best moment for some apps? Press on the icon, wait for the shaking, click the cross. Devote Sim City.

The colleague like the game the way. He writes here about his love for the clan.

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