Starting a Window Cleaning Business - Water Powered Post Systems

Posted by ei2Aevai on August 1st, 2020

If you are starting a window cleaning business, you need to decide whether to use traditional window cleaning methods or a water powered post system.

It can be said that the water fed post systems are controversial and have their fans and detractors alike. This technology uses a pure water machine to remove any of the chemicals that are usually added to tap water, and then connects that pure water through a hose to a long brush, allowing windows to be remotely cleaned. quickly and effectively. The water-fed post system is based on the idea that chemicals generally added to drinking water leave white marks on windows, requiring additional cleaning to remove them. Pure water removes these traces, while being much more effective at removing dirt than tap water.

However, the big debate is whether the system is really the way to go for all window cleaning companies. To help you decide, let's weigh the pros and Window Cleaning Poles.

Firstly, the use of pure water makes water-fed post systems much more effective than the traditional method. Due to deionized water, there is absolutely no dirt left on the window, which means it stays clean longer. Even better than that, the post system cleans the entire window, which is preferable for two reasons: Not only does it look much better to have a flawless window paired with a shiny frame, but it also prevents dirt from building up around the outside. of the window. window. Even better than the effectiveness of the water-powered post system is the peace of mind you can get from cleaning each window remotely, making the system much safer to use than the old balance method on a ladder. This also means that the system can be used in places where traditional methods struggle. Insurance costs must be significantly reduced because operators generally clean the upper deck windows from ground level, thereby eliminating the risk of falling off the stairs.

However, the water fed post system does not come without its downsides. First and most obvious: The system is much more expensive than a sponge and squeegee will cost you. Even a cheap system will cost you over £ 700 if you buy from a professional, and this obviously makes it a very important purchase for a beginner to the system.

The water-fed post system also tends to be less reliable in freezing conditions, as pure water has a much lower freezing point than tap water, meaning there may be real setbacks on a cold day when He finds that his barrel has frozen. Window cleaners working in harsher climates may prefer the flexibility and simplicity of a bucket of water, a sponge, and a squeegee.

Finally, the system requires more maintenance time, as you need to regularly check the resin levels and the effectiveness of the pure water machine. In comparison, the traditional method is much simpler.

Overall, it must be remembered that the water-fed post system is an exciting development in the long-term future of the window cleaning business. However, it is not universally advertised by all window cleaning companies. The technology results in faster, safer, and more effective cleaning operations, but you may decide that the cost, reliability, and high maintenance of the water-powered pole system may be too high to be worth buying.


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