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Posted by GiulyRotarry on July 1st, 2013

 In a world where almost anyone can access the internet, well designed websites are becoming extensively critical to everyone. From individuals to corporate, they all want to portray their services, products and policy in the best light. Under these circumstances, the right web site design can put you in front of your competition. If you use the right website company Melbourne that could in fact, be the difference between success and failure.

As companies and businesses all over the world are fiercely fighting to gain even a small fraction of overall market share, just having a plain website is no longer enough. Yes, your website may be relatively well promoted and even have an online payment system implemented. Nevertheless, if the design does not catch the eye of visitors and potential buyers, your presence unfortunately has no value.

According to internet marketing statistics, it takes less than one second for a first time visitor to decide whether the landing page he or she is visiting is interesting or not. People need good quality content, yet somehow, good quality web design is what determines whether they take the time to read the content, essentially deciding if it’s worth their attention. Pretty unfair people might say, but there is nothing we can do about it, other than obey and adapt.

Back to our initial theory, your web site design has a lot more power than you may have initially considered. In fact, there is a whole science out there establishing how online platforms should be designed, depending on its target audience. You may have noticed, for example, that male dedicated websites would generally go for shades of blue or black and female ones for pink or even grey.

Apart from using the right colors, one should also use the right typography elements so that the text is clear, visible and provides the right impression to your target audience. Headlines, titles and subtitles shouldn’t just be added anywhere, but placed with consideration to the overall customer experience. When the overall appearance is set, another major issue that will come into play is that you may need to consider designing for different devices e.g. mobiles & tablets. Designing specifically for those devices is a process called responsive web design, and it’s the technology of future.

This means the web site design would have the ability to adjust its size, buttons, fonts and so on according to the display properties of the device used by the visitor – whether it’s a mobile, tablet or desktop the website will “respond” and make sure it’s using the space of the given screen effectively – that’s responsive design and it’s awesome!

To recap, web design helps your business in many different ways. Firstly, it sets the premises to attract visitors through an appealing visual interface. Secondly, it can implement a wide range of effects that make the website’s architecture extremely useful to those who navigate it. Thirdly, it can be successfully used in order to introduce some search engine optimization techniques, helping you to rank higher in the search engines’ results lists.

Yes, design should be absolutely considered as part of your internet marketing strategy. The only thing left would be to put it into practice so that the end result will be both eye-catching and easily accessible from any internet-connected device.

Make an upgrade to your web site design today and your website company Melbourne will provide you with every you need to start shinning online.

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