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Posted by maryparker on July 2nd, 2013

Belleville military boots have gained huge popularity in the US market. During the initial years of their introduction, these boots were only used by the military people serving the US army. However, now, common people also wear these Belleville boots. There are many shoe suppliers in the United States that offers Belleville shoes online. The Belleville military boots are also called combat boots.

Established in 1904, Belleville has been making and offering Belleville boots to the US military people since the First World War. Even at the time of Second World War, the people representing the US army used these boots. Since its initial years, the company has been highly successful in maintaining the high standard of quality. It is the comfort, durability and high quality of the Belleville military boots that have made these shoes so popular among the common mass. The trekkers are environmentalists often use these boots.

Belleville has acquired a large number of awards from the US Army because of the fantastic service to the nation. Since it acquired great popularity among the military people, the Belleville boots have become synonymous with the US army. However, the great style and simplicity of the Belleville military boots have created a created demand of these shoes among the common people.

The company, Belleville, started with 50 to 75 pairs of boots each day. However, at present, it manufactures more than a million pairs of Belleville military boots per year. You can search the internet thoroughly to find out the dealers offering Belleville boots. The benefit of buying these boots from an online supplier is that you can check a number of styles at the same time and order the preferred product just with a few clicks of the mouse.

It is important to buy your Belleville shoes from a reputed online store. A reputed shop will assist you to check a number of models with stunning features. You should check the prices of the chosen products and buy the one suiting your pocket.

Belleville 300 DES and Belleville 610 Z ST are two hit Belleville models. Let us talk about these two show models in some detail:

•             Belleville 300 DES ST: The Belleville 300 DES ST is a big heat in the market. This particular model is specifically designed to combat hot weather with ease. As far as comfort is concerned, this is the favorite of the wearers. The model comes with a steel tip offering frontal protection. The unique sole design and the supple construction provides great grip while running. The tan finish of these shoes goes well with jeans and skirts.

•             Belleville 610 Z ST: It is the sage green finish that will attract you to this Belleville model. The show comes with patented MeraMax offering utmost comfort to your feet. It is the innovative design coupled with the affordable prices that has made the Belleville boot a popular product in the market.

No matter which Belleville model you choose, you will look rough, tough and stylish.

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