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Ultralight aviation

Posted by lexifip158 on August 4th, 2020

Many aviation establishments have established definitions of light and slow-flying aircraft that could be subject to minimal regulation. The resulting aircraft are typically called ultralight or ultralight, although weight and speed limits differ from country to country. This started in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when people wanted to fly cheaply.

In countries where there is no specific regulation, ultralights are considered regular aircraft and are subject to certification requirements for both aircraft and pilots. Ultralight aircraft are commonly referred to as ultralight aircraft in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, and ULM in France and Italy. Some countries differentiate between weight shifting and 3-axis aircraft, calling the ultralight and the Microlight aircraft for sale.

Types of aircraft

The first generations of modern ultralights were actually hang gliders with small engines added for their self launch. Their wings were propped up by cables and directed by changing the weight of the pilot under the wing. There are several types of aircraft that qualify as ultralight, but do not have fixed-wing designs. Some of them are:

1-weight change

These aircraft are controlled by pushing against a horizontal bar in approximately the same way that the hang glider pilot flies. Tricycles generally have impressive climb rates and are ideal for rough field operation, but are slower than other types of fixed-wing ultralights.

2 motorized parachute

They are car-mounted motors or scooters with a parafoil wing, similar to parachutes used in skydiving.

3. Paragliding with motor

The motorized paraglider is also called a paramotor and is a form of ultralight aviation in which the pilot uses a motor on his back (a paramotor) that provides adequate thrust to take off using a paraglider wing paraglider.


Rotating wing with trolley-mounted motor, a gyrocopter is different from a helicopter in that the rotating wing is not powered, the motor provides forward thrust, and the airflow through the rotating blades causes them to automatically rotate or "rotate" to create elevation.

5. helicopter

There are a number of single-seat and two-place helicopters that fall into the ultralight categories in countries like New Zealand.

6. hot air balloon

There are numerous ultralight hot air balloons in the US, and several more have been built and flown in France and Australia in recent years. Some ultralight hot air balloons are hopper balloons, while others are hot air balloons that carry passengers in a basket.

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