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Posted by GiulyRotarry on July 2nd, 2013

No matter what someone says betting is not just about luck. Those that are serious bettors are known to spend hours studying patterns and past trends before they place their bets. A betting novice would almost always place their bet on the favourites. While this is a safe practice the returns are that lower. You may find experienced bettors engaging in golf betting by backing a non-favourite and yet win. Do you think it is luck? Ask them and you may find that they went through competition histories and some forms of odds archive before they made their decision to back someone.

The phrase “odds archive” sounds new to you? It is actually like any other archive of records. Some betting websites have their archives in place and they let you access the past records and help you place bets. When you go through these archives you know how a particular golfer has performed historically and this will surely help you place bets on them. Tiger Woods is everyone’s favourite bet (not everyone’s but for many he is the perennial favourite). But why would someone bet on him when they know he cannot win each and every tournament he participates in? This could be because of his general performance. Golf betting can be influenced by that.

Let us continue to talk about Tiger Woods. You know there is a tournament where he is participating. You also know that he is coming back to cracking form. So would your golf betting sense tell you that you should bet on him? Even if it does you may want to do some research. Open an odds archive and see how he has fared in the judgment of the bookmakers. You can choose a particular period to see his odds record or you can even choose a particular tournament to see how the odds stacked up for him in that tournament.

While you go through an odds archive for a particular golfer you may also want to do some research on the tournament. In fact there is a lot you can do where you can consider the weather, the course and the other permutations and combinations possible. This will still not give you a 100% success guarantee in golf betting but you will give yourself a much better chance of winning.

Golf is an interesting game and one can never say for sure who is going to be the winner in a particular tournament. The weather plays a role and so do so many other elements. But if you are serious about betting in golf then be serious.

It is true that not everyone gets into so much research. In fact people don’t have that much time on their hands. But even if you spend some time on an odds archive you will at least see a trend. Golf betting will seem easier for you then. After that if you back Tiger Woods and still lose money you will at least have the satisfaction that you tried your best.

To give yourself a better chance at winning on golf betting spend some time on an odds archive.

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