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Posted by Londo629 on July 3rd, 2013


You probably would like to know how I got my hands on the magical stones called Foar’s gems.

I'm telling you I didn’t kill for them, though some will argue if they are that worthy, I didn’t steal nor did I trick or double-cross for them.

I was returning home to Giran, a retired colonel who has just got too tired and weary of battles and deaths. It happened a long time ago, somewhere on the edge of the world, to be precise, at Kogar’s crib, a magnet for all kinds of low-life and scum. My path lay through the Veltikran gorge to the north-east of infamous Dark Elven Village. If you ever find yourself traversing these dangerous lands you will inevitably stumble upon the Kogar’s place, this no man’s land owned and ruled by the hunchback gnome approximately a hundred years old.

When I was about to treat myself to a generous slug of the worst mead the host could offer, an old man entered the tavern. He had sallow skin and looked haunted as if recovering from a long-running and spirit draining illness. He expectantly begged for a few coins but all he got was pushes and jeers from the patrons. Over the years I had become mellow and tossed him a couple of coins which he surprisingly caught with deftness. Maybe he is not that old as he seems. Over a pint of beer I took a closer look at my newly found companion and saw that he was no more than forty years old.

“You’ve been kind to me, Colonel, and in return I will pay you in magical stones”, the stranger said.

Bloody hell, these were not just magical stones, they were Foar’s gems. The word is that only the luckiest ones stumble upon them and leave Foar rich beyond their imagination. To that day I never truly believed in their existence.

“How do I work them out?”, I inquired.

He told me that tapping the stones against each other will evoke an incredible feeling of elation and strength. I gently took the stones, grabbed the stained cloth I could find in my bag and securely stashed them. While doing this I didn’t notice the grateful beggar had already left the premises, leaving the Foar’s legend in the wake.


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